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Printable Pony Cover Photo

Your Opinion Needed!

The Printable Pony opened in November 2014, based around creating a downloadable Horse Binder for equestrians to keep their horses’ records organized in one place. Several bloggers helped me develop the binder, and a few even did reviews. Since then, I’ve added two patterns (one crochet and one sewing) to my store, both of which have been very successful. Along the way I’ve tried some other products, and this year I’m looking to expand once again!

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to get something youve never had you have to do something youve never done

Late to the Party: 2017 Goals

It’s halfway through February, and while I typically like to set goals much earlier in the year, I struggled with a list of what I wanted to accomplish this year. In part, I think it’s because last year was such a roller coaster both in terms of my equestrian life and the rest of my life. The other issue I faced was putting into words what I really wanted this year to look like. Ever since I bought Miles, I’ve had big goals I wanted to cross off my list. But now I find myself in the (wonderfully!) unique position of having accomplished them all. So where do I go from here?

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miles round canter at 2016 showtime

2016 in Retrospect: Goals Review

In the past, I’ve done a quarterly review of my goals, but with all the (many) ups and downs of this year, I didn’t. Sometimes it was too painful to see just how far away I was from where I wanted to be, other times riding fell pretty far by the wayside as life got in the way. Nevertheless, I really like to do goal reviews to remind myself of what I have accomplished, and where I still want to go.

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