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Mid-Year Goal Review

2017 Mid-Year Goals Review

Each year I’ve blogged, I’ve set out yearly goals. At first I did quarterly reviews, but last year I completely fell off the bandwagon and didn’t do any goal reviews at all. My process for setting and evaluating goals is a very personal one that tends to change from year to year — while I love goals and I think writing them down helps me stay motivated and focused, I’ve also learned that the best way to make God laugh is to tell him your plans.


In Defense of Dumbing Down Show Hunters by

In Defense of “Dumbing Down” Show Hunters

Over the last few months, there’s been a lot of discussion about the problems with American show hunters: they’re too slow, they’re all drugged up, they are prepped and lunged to death, there are too many divisions and too many horse shows. And critics say that all of this combines to create awful animal welfare situations and terrible riders! I’m not here to refute every point, in fact some of it I wholeheartedly agree with. But some of these points fall far from the mark, and I’m here to defend “dumbing down” show hunters.


Between Miles' Ears Trail Ride

Welcome, Spring

Finally, finally this weekend began to feel like spring is truly here (and hopefully to stay!). The weather was gorgeous on Saturday, and while it rained on Sunday, it was still warm enough to be at the barn in just a t-shirt. I took advantage of a commitment-free weekend and spent the entire thing at the barn. It was heaven on Earth,


Miles stretchy trot March 2017


At this point in the year I’m usually really sick of the cold, grey days of winter and frantically trying to get ready for show season. However, my usual sense of urgency is no where to be found. Perhaps it was the mild winter or lack of big riding goals; maybe it’s been all the change in my life and the lessons I’ve learned. Whatever it is, I’ve embraced this calmer, less worried attitude… which is probably why you haven’t seen much about riding on the blog.