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Printable Pony Cover Photo

Your Opinion Needed!

The Printable Pony opened in November 2014, based around creating a downloadable Horse Binder for equestrians to keep their horses’ records organized in one place. Several bloggers helped me develop the binder, and a few even did reviews. Since then, I’ve added two patterns (one crochet and one sewing) to my store, both of which have been very successful. Along the way I’ve tried some other products, and this year I’m looking to expand once again!


Tell The Judge Here Comes the Winner Without Saying a Word

Guest Post: Tell The Judge “Here Comes the Winner” Without Saying a Word

Guest Post by Mary Beth Rohaly, Founder of Braid Secrets and the Frugal Equestrian Blog

Did you know that judges form their first impression of a horse in just seven seconds? What message will your horse’s turnout send to the judges this year?  Passionate equestrians create turnout that reflects all of the hard work they put into riding and caring for their horse. One of the ways they achieve this is by transforming their horse’s mane into perfect braids.

The key to creating perfect hunter braids on your horse is knowledge. I too struggled with braiding — but I was fortunate to find professional mentors who taught me their secrets and I worked hard to perfect my skills. I already knew how to braid when I met them, but what I didn’t know was what details to focus on each step of the way, and their braiding secrets. That’s what I’m sharing with you. So, let’s get started improving your horse’s turnout with some tips on mane evaluation and preparation, and how to braid down the mane like a pro.So what’s holding you back from achieving top-notch turnout of your horse? Are your mediocre braids detracting from an otherwise pleasing picture? You can change that starting right now!


Claire and Mingo in the Jumpers

Guest Post: Lessons Learned from a Sensitive OTTB

Guest Post by Claire A. Dague

When it comes to trainers, I can honestly say I have been truly blessed. My current trainer is  a true horsewoman: always putting the welfare of her horses above all else and I have learned so much from her in just the three short years we’ve been together. But the best teacher I’ve ever had, has been a pudgy, bay OTTB named Mingo. Mingo was the last baby to grow up on my grandfather’s farm before he took a break from the racehorse industry. Nine years ago, I would have never guessed that the small, gangly foal I was looking at would one day teach me more than any horse I had ever had the pleasure of working with.


Miles canter in the ring at Equivents

Visualizing Your Course

The other day I was talking to Lauren of She Moved To Texas about some of my confidence issues as of late. She recommended that I start visualizing Miles and I completing the perfect hunter trip. She said “think about any height, but I bet if you do that right now, your trip has lots of problems with it.” And she was right. While I have a better mental picture of a 2′ or 2’3″ hunter course, at 2’6″, the wheels fall off the wagon, so to speak. To document my progress, I thought I’d share what my mental picture of a 2’6″ hunter trip with Miles looks like to me right now.


5 Easy to Miss Grooming Spots by

5 Easy to Miss Grooming Spots

Call me vain and superficial if you want to, but I take pride in how my horse looks both at home and at horse shows. My preferences go beyond just a shiny coat… I want to see a well-turned out horse from head to toe. Sometimes it’s the little things that drive me crazy, and those tend to be what I notice the most. There are a lot of little places that can easily get neglected when you’re feeling a little bit lazy or you’ve been particularly busy, but here are my top five easy to miss grooming spots: