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Husband and pups relaxing on the couch

Cabin Getaway

This past weekend our little family escaped the city and headed to nearby Hocking Hills for some much needed and well deserved R&R. On Friday afternoon, we packed up all of our stuff, grabbed the dogs and headed south to a small cabin we rented for the long weekend. It was absolutely lovely — we had perfect weather, ate like kings and enjoyed a lot of time relaxing.


sleepy kona

1 Month of Baby Dog

I’ve been looking at adding another member to our family for quite some time… and by autumn, I was dying for a little, squishy puppy. So I finally convinced my dearest husband, and the search was on in earnest. It didn’t take long to find the perfect addition… a 10 week old female chocolate labradoodle! So we paid the deposit and picked her up the day we returned from our vacation. That was mid-October, and we’ve had Kona for just over one month now.


Rocky Roo the Havanese

Happy 5th Birthday Rocky Roo!

I can hardly believe it, but today is my baby boy’s 5th birthday! It’s crazy to think that we’ve had Rocky in our lives for nearly five years already, but I’ve loved every minute of it. He’s my first dog and damn, did I get lucky. He’s such a great boy and everyone who meets him absolutely falls in love. So happy birthday, Rocky Roo. Here’s to many, many more!