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4th annual equestrian blogger gift exchange

4th Annual Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange

Ever since I started blogging, I’ve hosted a gift exchange around the holidays for equestrian bloggers across the country (and all over the world). It’s my way of saying thanks — thanks for reading, thanks for commenting, thanks for all your support throughout the entire year. I haven’t been as active this year as I have in the past, but every time I do blog I’m reminded of the amazing little community we’ve cultivated on this small slice of the internet. So here’s to you, fellow equestrian blogger!


Us In A Nutshell Derp

Back To Regular Programming

I went through a blogger identity crisis, and I didn’t notice until now. I started blogging to keep track of my equestrian pursuits, as a way to catalog my progress. This quickly turned from just a private journal to an entirely new community of assistance and support; I’ve made so many great friends through blogging who have helped me through some really tough times. But for a while, I got this idea that I wanted to monetize my blog. So I wrote blog posts that would appeal to a larger audience, and focused on improving the quality of the blog. But as I got busier outside of blogging, and even outside of riding, I got a little burned out. Unfortunately, my burnout translated into a lack of blogging, which you’ve seen over the last year. I recently went back to read some of my very early blog posts, and it helped me remember why I started this blog in the first place: for myself.


Genny and Miles

A Gift Horse Meets Fly On Over

I had a busy, but amazing weekend and it all started on Friday when Genny from A Gift Horse came to visit! I’ve said it before, but one of the best and most unexpected perks of becoming an equestrian blogger has been this welcoming, supportive community. Getting to meet bloggers from all across the country is such a cool experience, and I never pass up an opportunity to do a meet and greet. So when Genny messaged me on Facebook a few months ago to let me know she was going to be in town, I jumped on it!