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Putting on gloves

Canada to Columbus

Last weekend I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Siobhan from Autonomous Dressage! It was such a fortuitous series of events — see, I was randomly matched to be her secret santa from my own blogger gift exchange, so to meet her face to face just a few months later was pretty cool. We had a great weekend, filled with pony things and great conversation.

Miles and Moiya hanging out

We started off meeting for dinner near Siobhan’s hotel (she was in town for work), where we ate pasta and talked all things equestrian. First order of business was how to pronounce her name (it sounds like “shevaun” and is a traditional Irish name), which started off a great conversation about her family (who is from Ireland!) and how they came to be in Canada, as well as all about her small town. Interestingly enough, her area of Canada is actually classified as a desert, so while it definitely gets cold there’s hardly any precipitation and the land is quite flat. She was quite enjoying the varied landscape of Central Ohio, despite it being the dead of winter and not very pretty in my opinion.

The next day, we met up at Equus Now! for their fabulous warehouse sale, where we both scored some awesome deals and talked more about Siobhan’s gorgeous mare, Kachina. She competes her in dressage, so we talked about the training scale, and the differences between hunters and dressage — plus the similarities. I was once again reminded how spoiled I am with such a great horse show scene when Siobhan talked about her 3-hour trek to get regular lessons and shows. BUT being the awesome blogger she is, she’s started coordinating the first and only dressage show in her town! What a big job, but so cool to hear about!

Putting on gloves

Finally on Sunday, Siobhan drove out to my barn to meet Miles and Moiya! We had a blast trading off riding Miles, and she looked great on Big Red! She put him through his paces, and I “coached” her a bit on how to get some good work out of him. They did walk, trot, canter and some changes within gaits too. I always love to see Miles go around, and I love that he’s such a solid citizen that I can put new people on him and he goes around pretty much without complaint. He wasn’t super keen on his upward transitions to the canter, but Siobhan did a great job just keeping her leg on until he acquiesced. She even stuck around and watched me ride Moiya, and got some awesome (and much-needed) media for me!

All in all, I had another wonderful time meeting a fellow blogger. It’s amazing how much we have in common between horses and blogging, and talking felt like we’d known each other forever. Thanks so much for stopping by, Siobhan and I hope to see you again soon!!


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