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Husband and pups relaxing on the couch

Cabin Getaway

This past weekend our little family escaped the city and headed to nearby Hocking Hills for some much needed and well deserved R&R. On Friday afternoon, we packed up all of our stuff, grabbed the dogs and headed south to a small cabin we rented for the long weekend. It was absolutely lovely — we had perfect weather, ate like kings and enjoyed a lot of time relaxing.

Cabin rental in Hocking Hills

Our cabin featured a fireplace, full kitchen, two baths and a hot tub — all the essentials for a relaxing weekend. Sam and I are homebodies, so we spent most of our time here on the couch, cuddling with the pups, watching movies, reading and just talking. It was nice to get away from all the work responsibilities back home, and not worry about daily chores! The dogs settled in pretty quickly too, and really enjoyed the extra attention… and massive quantities of treats.

Husband and pups relaxing on the couch
My view all weekend <3

Other than Netflix and chill, we went on a few hikes around Hocking Hills State Park. The weather was perfection — 50’s and partly sunny the entire weekend. The cabin we stayed in had trails all around the property,┬áso we were able to squeeze in a few short jaunts right away, which was really nice. On Saturday, we explored Ash Cave, which was pretty busy. Despite being hesitant about the people, kids and other dogs at first, both Rocky and Kona were great. They listened super well, tackled new terrain like nobody’s business and enjoyed all the new smells tremendously.

Tracy Rocky and Kona at Hocking Hills
Couldn’t get all three of us to look at the camera at the same time, haha

On Sunday, we went to Old Man’s Cave, and that was even busier! So many people everywhere, and the trails were a bit more narrow here, so a few times that was tricky getting the dogs moving and not running into people. By the end, Rocky was a little grouchy and not interested in meeting any more people or dogs (except kids, he loves kids). There were only two places I had to carry him though — over some really tall roots on a sharp incline and over two grates. Not bad for the indoor pup!

Sam Rocky and Kona at Cedar Falls

And of course each afternoon, after we got back from our hikes we all took nice, long naps. And then ate food from the grill for dinner. All in all, it was an excellent weekend and I feel super refreshed coming back to work today.


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  1. That all sounds so wonderful and relaxing. I have something similar planned for this weekend, I just hope the weather co-operates with our drive.

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