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Laser Sheen and Healthy HairCare

Blog Hop: SmartPak Favorite Products

Cheers to jumping on the bandwagon! I love to read about people’s favorite equestrian stuff, so it’s only fair that I put my favorites out there too. Thanks Breeches and Boat Shoes for making this blog hop a writer-friendly version — I’m camera shy!

Laser Sheen and Healthy HairCare

What is your favorite equestrian-specific product that you use when you’re at the barn?

I use a lot of products, but the one I use most consistently is Laser Sheen. I love grooming and I take a lot of pride in my horse’s appearance (#SoVain). Healthy HairCare Moisturizer is a close second… again, I may have a problem with beautiful horses…

What is your favorite non equestrian-specific product to use when you’re at the barn?

Dawn Anti-Bacterial Dish Soap — I use that sh*t on everything. No really… I bath my horse in it, I wash my brushes with it… it’s great stuff. And CHEAP.

Ogilvy Equestrian Jumper Half Pad

What is your horse’s favorite equestrian-specific product to wear or use?

This is easy. Miles loves his Ogilvy half-pad (and so does every other horse I ride). I know they’re expensive but I’m a true believer. I think they truly help eliminate small saddle fit issues, and are great for shock absorption. Not only do these half-pads really work, the construction is great. The covers are very durable, wash easily and have great craftsmanship.

What was the best equestrian-related gift you were ever given, and why does it mean so much to you?

This is a toughie! I have two gifts I’ve received that really stand out to me. One is my tack trunk, which I really love. It was super sweet of my husband and BFF to combine to get it for me, and it’s awesome for shows. It fits in the trunk of my sedan and I can lift it myself. The second is a Vespucci halter with nameplate. My husband got it for me for my first birthday after we got married, so it has my married name on it.

Sawhorse Tack Trunk Review

If you had the ability to create any product or anything to make your time at the barn better, – no matter how ridiculous or against-the-laws-of-physics it might be – what would that be?

Self-setting ground poles and jumps… that also put themselves away. Dragging out and putting away poles and jumps takes FOREVER. It’d be awesome if they grew legs and walked where I told them to.


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9 thoughts to “Blog Hop: SmartPak Favorite Products”

  1. They don’t put themselves away, but I have seen adds for remote controlled jumps that raise and lower the jump cups. I’ve definitely wished for a set on several occasions. Although I think you’re on your own if you knock a rail….

  2. I completely agree with jumps and poles that put themselves away! I don’t mind setting them up but I really dislike putting them away.

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