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3'6" hunter

Blog Hop – My Dream Division

She Moved To Texas has started a Hunter Princess Blog Hop, and naturally, I couldn’t resist. She asked “what is your dream division?”

It shouldn’t shock you that since this is a relatively straightforward question, it’s really hard for me. (Insert blonde joke here). Right now, I dream of showing in the 2’6″ Intermediate Adult Hunters. I’ve talked about wanting to move up to this division a few times before, but that’s really where I want to be. It’s a very realistic goal for me, and I’m hoping that the stars will align and this time next year, I will be singing Kevin Rudolf’s “I Made It”:

But the 2’6″ Intermediate Adult Hunters seem more like a goal, when I think long-term. I’m only in my mid-20’s and I plan to ride until I’m at least 90. I think I might get bored showing 2’6″ for 60 years. I’d love to say I dream of showing in the 3’6″ Amateur Owner Division… but honestly, I’ve never even jumped 3′ and just looking at jumps that high kind of scare me now that I’m past my invincible teen years. Those jumps are just so BIG! So while I definitely would like to jump 3’6″ one day, I don’t know if it’s truly a division I dream about showing in… because it’s really hard to imagine myself actually in the saddle over those jumps.

3'6" hunter

So what is my dream division? Well, I’m going to throw a wrench into things, and say I don’t dream about a division itself, but really a class: 3′-3’3″ Hunter Derby. 3′ is a height I haven’t done, but I can see myself moving up to one day… you know… after 20 or so years at 2’6″. I think Derbies look super fun, with a little bit of a different way of going: more forward, more technical. With more natural obstacles, trot jumps and options, the courses look hard. But I think it would be a fun challenge for me, and it would provide lots of things to practice!


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5 thoughts to “Blog Hop – My Dream Division”

    1. Probably because I’ve decided watching some young thing show my horse that high while I watch on the sidelines and sip my Riesling, LOL!

  1. You’ll be surprised if you keep at it… one day you’ll look at the 2’6″ and think, wow that is small and then before you know it 3′ won’t look so huge and it’s only a few more inches from there. 😀

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