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Blog Hop: A Princess Stereotype You Break

In the latest edition of She Moved To Texas’ Hunter Princess Blog Hop, Lauren asks Is there a way that you “break the mold” of the stereotypical hunter princess?” 
While there are many physical aspects to being a hunter princess that I don’t possess, I break the mold from the inside out. When I think “hunter princess,” I not only see expensive clothes and tack aboard a six-figure warmblood, I picture her gossiping and putting down those around her. And I am none of those things, or at least, I try very hard not to be.

I can respect someone who is more fortunate than I, and can afford more expensive things. Sometimes that’s just the luck of the draw… unfortunately I was not born Jessica Springsteen. And you never know about that warmblood, maybe the rider found it in a field and worked hard to get to where they are today. But what I can’t get over is mean-spirited gossip and rude comments about others just because they don’t have what you have.

So I don’t do those things. I try very hard not to be judgmental about those around me; just because someone isn’t as good of a rider as I am or does things differently than I do doesn’t give me the right to put them down. Instead of excluding them from this sport, this passion, I want to encourage them to learn more and become more involved. No matter how incorrect or poorly ridden a round in the ring was, I always try to say something positive — whether it’s someone from my barn I ride with all the time, or it’s someone I’ve never seen before in my life.
And just because that girl isn’t wearing Tailored Sportsmen’s or a GPA doesn’t mean she’s not going to kick my ass at the show.


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6 thoughts to “Blog Hop: A Princess Stereotype You Break”

  1. It’s always good to give people benefit of doubt. Or my favorite saying “What Sally says about Suzie, says more about sally then it does about suzie.”

  2. Completely agree. I really like what you said about not gossiping, because that’s definitely an internal hunter princess stereotype and I’m not the best at controlling my inner gossip at times.

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