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Betty’s Customs

I am not crafty. I love to read DIY blogs about all the fabulous things people make, like ribbon belts or Christmas ornaments, but it’s just not a talent I have. I’m always a teeny, tiny bit jealous looking at the beautiful things that some people can make.

But I do know someone who is very, very crafty. She has loads of experience making all manner of equine-related items. We joke about opening an Etsy store all the time, and I might be a little bit biased, but I’m pretty sure she could quit her day job and make a ton of money. So who is this amazing artist? My mother.

Betty’s Customs (my mother’s future Etsy store) has been hard at work perfecting the art of equine inspired crafts for many, many years. Growing up, I showed 4-H in all manner of classes, including western and she made almost all of my western outfits. Slinkies, vests, Showmanship Jackets — you name it, she made it. Custom for me!

She shined in the costume class at County Fair, ย where she made numerous fabulous costumes for horse and rider including BatHorse and BatGirl, Pirate and Parrot, and Pink Panther and Inspector Clouseau.

Alterations? No problem! When I bought the widest horse known to man, she altered blankets to fit him. When I bought new show shirts with sleeves that hung down to my ankles, she fixed them.

Today, she’s specializing in horse clothes of all manner. Alterations or custom items for the hard-to-fit horse is her specialty.

Need some examples? Her latest endeavors included many of Miles’ Christmas gifts, including recycling an old slinky into a shoulder guard, the fabulous custom quarter sheet and five matching ear bonnets for all of Miles’ barn friends (pictured left). They’re not quite De La Coeur, but damn they’re a helluva lot cheaper!

I’m currently trying to convince her that we need an embroidery machine so we can put my initials and Miles’ name on every single saddle pad I own. And maybe some of my show shirt collars.

Her next project is all things wedding though, including lace applique shoes, gift card box and escort card holders. I told her that she’s at least picking areas of expertise where people are used to a huge markup! I mean, face it, if it’s for a wedding or a horse, it costs at least 20% more.

So if you could have one thing custom-made for your horse, what would it be?ย 


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12 thoughts to “Betty’s Customs”

    1. It took my mom a while to get the pattern right, but the final product was so worth it. I’m extremely lucky to have such an indulgent and crafty mom!!

  1. Uh can your mom please make Dino a custom hat?! He has weird pony/cob size ears and he only has 1 hat that really fits him well! Other cool custom things that she should put in her future Etsy store are saddle covers, bridle bags, coolers, and quarter sheets. Oh and polo wraps for honies that fall somewhere in between horse and pony size. There’s a market for that. I.E. me.

    1. I agree! I might break down and buy one for her birthday… although… that’s sort of like a present for myself, so I’m not sure if it counts, haha

  2. Mostly I just want every. slngle. thing. I own monogramed! If you guys end up getting a machine let me know which one you go with (I’ve been researching)! Happy New Year!

  3. Love the bonnets! My sister has mad craft skills and makes all mine though I have to tell her easy on the bling ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Oh god, where would I start? I want show sheets, saddle pads, ear bonnets, all in navy and grey and with Lex’s name on them and stuff like that. Oh and a tack trunk cover. ALL THE THINGS NAVY AND GREY!

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