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Better Than I Thought

Monday night we had our group lesson and Miles and I just weren’t quite feeling it… or at least that’s how it felt at the time. It was pretty hot out (80 degrees) and we were both feeling a bit sluggish; and it definitely didn’t help when one of my trainer’s clients horses started acting colicky in the barn 10 minutes into the lesson. Luckily Moiya will be just fine — the vet came, tubed her and added some mineral oil and she started to feel much better. Needless to say though, we were all fairly worried during the lesson and not 100% focused on the exercises.

Trainer set out a circle of death (four jumps set on a circle) but we never actually went all the way around; just worked on putting a few fences together at a time. We warmed up over some crossrails, which Miles declared were super boring and deemed them not sufficient to jump after the first two, so we moved on to 2′ and 2’3″ verticals, including an oxer. Overall the fences were okay — I got some short spots and some long spots, but I always felt in control and I flowed well no matter what. It was also nice to note that 2’3″ didn’t feel intimidating whatsoever, and I think I’m well on my way to being bored at that height… which means I’m getting closer to moving up!

There were a few times where Miles rubbed the rails, and trainer said that is just a fitness issue. After such a long winter with lots of time off, we’re both a little weak. I’m hoping to start increasing our ride times and work on adding in more transitions in the coming weeks to build some stamina and power in that hind end.

Overall the lesson was fine… I just didn’t feel great about it. Just kind of “meh.” But then N uploaded a video of Miles and I going over the 2’3″ oxer and I honestly had to do a double-take. I recognized Miles right away, but I didn’t recognize myself! I looked way better than I felt, so… that’s good?

Here’s the video: (for some reason it won’t allow me to embed it)


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11 thoughts on “Better Than I Thought

  1. You look great in that video clip! Don’t you love when you surprise yourself? And I’m glad the colicky horse is feeling better; it is always so nerve-wrecking even if it’s not your horse.

  2. Colicking horses are definitely no fun, even when you barely know the horse! I get stressed out when blogging friends’ horses get colicky, haha!

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