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Best Equestrian Instagram Accounts

By day I’m a marketing and communications coordinator, so essentially I spend part of every day looking at social media. I analyze trends in my industry [which is not equine], I write content for my employer and schedule our posts. But if you thought I’d get enough posts, tweets and likes to fulfill my need for instant gratification in the office, you thought wrong. I love social media; and any chance I get to mix my passions, I’m pretty much over the moon. My personal social media feeds are ripe with all things equestrian — quotes, videos, pictures and rants are all there at my fingertips. But out of everything I have the chance to mindless look through, I love pictures the most. So it really shouldn’t surprise you that Instagram is my social media darling of the moment.

Care to waste a few minutes of your life by ogling pretty ponies? I’ve got you covered. Here are a few of the best equestrian Instagram accounts on the ‘net — from western to hunter/jumpers.


Obviously hunter/jumper is my favorite category, so it was especially tough to pick the best equestrian Instagram accounts in this category. But I do love two particular people: Aleece Jarman (@aleecejarman), who mainly competes in High Junior Jumpers and Jessica Springsteen (@jsprings), an upcoming Grand Prix jumper.

Aleece Jarman Instagram Jessica Springsteen Instagram


While I’ll never have enough balls to go cross-country or enough patience to be respectable at Dressage, pictures of these amazing athletes are simply breathtaking. My two favorites are Katie Recoski (@katiexrecoskie ) and Angela Grzywinski (@grzywinski). Katie is a junior eventer in Southern Ontario and Angela is an Advanced Level competitor and trainer in North Texas.

Katie Recoskie Instagram Angela Grzywinskia Instagram


The best equestrian Instagram accounts in the western world are High Point Performance Horses (@highpointperformancehorses) and Kurt Clark (@kurtlclark). High Point is one of the biggest and most prestigious show barns on the AQHA circuit — they have beautiful horses and win everything. Kurt Clark is a fantastic photographer, so I enjoy his more artsy shots. This is how I get my bling fix on a daily basis!

High Point Performance Horses Instagram Kurt Clark Instagram


It’s no secret that I’m a total tack ‘ho. Part of my affliction is incessant window shopping [until I hit the mega millions, anyway] and Instagram is great for that. My two favorites are Ogilvy Equestrian (@ogilvyequestrian) because they repost pictures of all the pretty horses doing all the awesome things. My other favorite is Luv Inspired (@luvinspiredjewels) because they have some of the most gorgeous accessories that are totally drool-worthy.

Ogilvy Equestrian Instagram Luv Inspired Jewelry Instagram


Of course, I had to give a shout out to some of my favorite fellow bloggers on Instagram. Roosa’s Horsey Life (@roosa_rantanen) has great pictures of her Dressage horse Vallu and she’s always keeping her dashboard updated. And the great Viva Carlos (@voidivi) shares her dinosaur Ramone doing all sorts of wonderful and awkward things.

Roosa's Horsey Life Instagram Viva Carlos Instagram

What are your favorite equestrian Instagram accounts?


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20 thoughts to “Best Equestrian Instagram Accounts”

  1. I just haven’t gotten into instagram and twitter. I feel like I can’t keep up with all the social media in my life as it is!! But these do look like fun.

    1. There’s so much to keep up with! I’ve only recently started getting into Twitter, but it’s still one of my least favorite social media channels.

  2. An Ohio young rider, and girl from my old Cincy barn is fabulous. @paigepatch

    Her horse is gorgeous, and she’s fabulous at getting people caught up her her journey to CCI* and beyond with Cole.

  3. I love @marielodouglas whose account i stumbled across somehow but can’t remember when. She posts beautiful photos of horses and landscapes.

    I used to follow as many equine photography accounts as i could, as i cannot drool over enough photos of my favourite animal. However my feed was so chocka that it made checking insta unappealing to me as i was always so far behind. So i trimmed them back to only following people I “know” aka awesome bloggers & companies that remind me what i want such as @tuckertweed who make gorgeous handbags…They are totes on my wishlist for a lotto win.

    1. I agree with you about clogging up your dashboard — I’ve trimmed back on equestrian photographers as well to only those I really, really enjoy.

  4. I just made a new Instagram page and obviously want followers like everyone else. I will follow back, please go follow and spam t_squared___

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