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Being Brave

Over the weekend I was finally able to drag myself out of my head cold-induced coma to go to the barn. I was a bad blogger and even though DH was with me, I failed to get hardly any pictures. And the pictures I do have are terrible, iPhone quality. But the weather was great and we did a few things of note.

Saturday’s ride was short and sweet — I still wasn’t feeling 100%, so I just wasn’t riding great. But Miles was a good boy and we enjoyed a short hack followed by spa time. Miles hates spa time, but he enjoyed some grazing after his second bath of the year and was quite good for clipping. Sunday it was hot, hot, hot for this time of year! It was whopping 80 degrees when I got out to the barn so I decided to be brave and take Miles on a short little trail ride. DH walked with us, but that was it! We went down the big hill in the back, through a field and into a smaller field with some hills. We walked and trotted around and Miles was great. He got a little sassy when I asked for the canter, so I just dropped it. We went back up and cantered around the ring and he was good. Go team!

Tracy and Miles looking out a window


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19 thoughts on “Being Brave

  1. How do you get his socks so white? Sydney’s are gross and yellow despite getting scrubbed with Cowboy Magic whitening shampoo.

    1. QuicSilver shampoo! In the past, for QH Showmanship with my previous horse, I would clip his socks a week before a show and then the morning of I would spray them with Shapley’s Show Touch Up (just make sure to put a towel over the hoof, unless you’re going to paint it black).

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