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Bad Pony!

In all the hubbub that the holidays bring, I haven’t had a chance to entertain you with a recap from my last lesson, which was on Saturday. And nothing entertains quite like reality TV GIFs, especially Mob Wives and Real Housewives.

I had a great hack on Friday, so I rolled up to the barn early was all like:

I was early, but was on a fairly tight schedule so I was happy that during grooming and tacking, Miles was fairly cooperative. I got on and warmed up, and all was normal… nothing really to write home about.

Right off the bat, my trainer wanted to put the pressure on, so we started with a 2′ oxer. I went to the rail and asked Miles to pick up a left lead canter, to which he politely declined. We worked through it and about five strides out, I realized I was going to need to more pace. I put my leg on and… not nothing.

So I came around and did the same oxer a few times until we found a good pace and correct path that equaled the right distance. But every single time I would stop to talk to my trainer, Miles would refuse to go back to work.
He started cow kicking, which I ignored. Then he cow kicked so hard he hit the wall. Loudly. To which I said:
We proceeded to begin some coursework, and Miles was good once we got to the first fence. We mostly worked on pace and found a small habit I’m beginning to form. I had hoped to work more on that but when I asked Miles to go forward after a short discussion with my trainer. He refused and started bucking.
I managed to stick his antics and HAULED his head up. We proceeded to back almost the entire length of the arena until he got the picture. Bucking is not acceptable. Ever. For any reason.
After that we did a small course and ended on a good note. And thus ended the first ride in which Miles was a bad pony.
Hopefully when I visit today he’s in a better mood!


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14 thoughts on “Bad Pony!

  1. I love, love, LOVE that you had a GIF from Nene Leakes (RHOA)!!! She has the best facial expressions and some of the funniest one-liners on reality tv! Sorry Miles was being a bit of a butthole. But maybe he wasn’t ready to be done with his Christmas vacation? **shakes head** Hope your next lesson is better!

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