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Us In A Nutshell Derp

Back To Regular Programming

I went through a blogger identity crisis, and I didn’t notice until now. I started blogging to keep track of my equestrian pursuits, as a way to catalog my progress. This quickly turned from just a private journal to an entirely new community of assistance and support; I’ve made so many great friends through blogging who have helped me through some really tough times. But for a while, I got this idea that I wanted to monetize my blog. So I wrote blog posts that would appeal to a larger audience, and focused on improving the quality of the blog. But as I got busier outside of blogging, and even outside of riding, I got a little burned out. Unfortunately, my burnout translated into a lack of blogging, which you’ve seen over the last year. I recently went back to read some of my very early blog posts, and it helped me remember why I started this blog in the first place: for myself.

Us In A Nutshell Derp

I really enjoy writing, and creating fun graphics for the blog. I love editing and sharing photos of my horse and talking through the things I’m working on in my lessons. And I really love all the awesome people I’ve met because of this little space on the internet. And… I’ve missed it. I love getting comments from everyone, and I love reading your blogs (which I have kept up with!). So I’m cutting myself a little slack, and I’m going to get back to the roots of this blog. I’m going to try to worry less about writing the most coherent content, and write what I want to write. Because, after all, if I’m not doing that, what is the point?


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19 thoughts to “Back To Regular Programming”

  1. I feel this so much. I started it for the same reason you did, got concerned about readership for a while and now I just do me. The people I love stick around, and the community support is amazing.

  2. I started for stimuli reasons. A riding journal. However, riding inconsistently with horses still on the brain is very difficult. But I’ve always enjoyed your writing and look forward to whatever you do. Cheers!

  3. Just wanted to say I love your blog, mostly because of the honesty and sense of humor that shine through no matter what the topic is

  4. You go girl! I started reading because I love hearing about other peoples’ riding journeys, and I’ve missed hearing the nitty gritty details about yours. I hope you get your groove back!

  5. i love following along with your story and am happy you’re gonna keep sharing it with us! i definitely know what you mean about feeling that pull towards evolving the blog towards bigger things. really tho we gotta just stay true to ourselves and true to our story. for me, that’s been the only way to sustain my interest and motivation.

  6. Exactly!!! I always say that I write for myself first. If people like what I read, I am flattered, but my primary focus is to tell the story of my equestrian life. I am looking forward to seeing a more personal view of your life. :0)

  7. I have to keep reminding myself of the intent of my blog too… it’s easy to get lost and I have to come back to this is for me and it’s so much help for me to look back on.

    I love your posts!!

  8. Enjoying what we write is so huge. I totally feel where you’re coming from and I’m happy you’re happy to get back to doing something you enjoy <3 Looking forward to continuing to follow along.

  9. Definitely always write what you want and what makes you happy, don’t go chasing clicks and views, I feel like its a losing battle, because you’ll just lose a part of yourself!

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