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Ass, Meet Dirt.

Last night I had a group lesson and it started out great: with green beer to celebrate St. Patty’s Day! We all warmed up, and really focused on jumping the entire ride. We warmed up over a small crossrail diagonal, and our trainer wanted us to work on getting a close distance. It took me a few tries, but I finally got it.

Then we moved on to a set of bounce crossrails up the middle, and turning either left or right, and cutting across the middle to hit a diagonal vertical, again focusing on getting close distances. Miles was really good, and while I struggled with finding good close distances, he was a champ about it.

And then the fences went up, with some small 2′ verticals in the bounce, and 2’6″ diagonal crossrails. I was a bit nervous; I’ve never jumped Miles 2’6″ in a lesson before, but it was easy as pie! I’m not quite experienced enough to know my pace for a close distance, and Miles is so long, his “short” distance usually feels like a good medium distance, so I need to keep working on it.

Then the bounce got raised again, to be a crossrail, 2’3″ vertical, followed by a 2’6″ vertical… and we had our first fail of 2014. I didn’t support Miles enough coming into the combination, so he was really weak over the crossrail. And then he just didn’t have enough momentum to get himself together for the 2’3″ vertical, so he knocked the rail out of the jump cup, it got caught in between his back legs, I got pitched forward and we crashed through the 2’6″ vertical, and I fell off.

Dramatic reenactment

Luckily, I mostly just rolled off his shoulder, and landed on my back first, but I did hit my head on the ground too. I got right back up and got back on; jumped a smaller crossrail version of the bounce exercise and did the 2’6″ verticals again, to regain my confidence. Miles was a good sport about it all, and was very good, so we were able to finish on a good note.

After I got off and inspected Miles, I noticed he got some scrapes, and a bump on his leg from our crash, so I wrapped up his legs, put antibiotic ointment on and I’m going out later this evening to see how he’s feeling. I’m pretty stiff and sore, so I imagine he will be too. Luckily it’s all just superficial injuries, and we’ll be just fine.

Unfortunately, now I need a new helmet. This was my second fall in three years with it, and I’m pretty much a sticler when it comes to helmet safety. So I’m looking into IRH’s replacement policy. Has anyone ever used their helmet company’s replacement before? How did it work?


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26 thoughts on “Ass, Meet Dirt.

  1. Glad you and Miles are ok! This is why we wear our helmets, right? I haven’t had to experience the IRH replacement policy since I just purchased my first IRH and have yet to wear it (it’s now a show and/or backup helmet), but hopefully you don’t have a big issue trying to get a new one 🙂

  2. Ouch! Replacement is the smart thing to do!

    I’ve had IRH helmets replaced twice, and it was a swift and painless process both times. It’s not free, but it is significantly less expensive than buying a new one. My current helmet is a replacement, actually.

    I called the company hotline, and mailed it back to the address they provided with a check. I had a new helmet within 2-3 weeks. The customer service representative I spoke with was very helpful, so I’m sure they’ll be able to talk you through the process.

    1. I’m hoping that they will replace mine, and that way I can buy a second one for showing… I probably should always have two, just in case.

  3. You’re the third person I follow that’s fallen off in the last week! (and if you count my fall, that makes four of us in two weeks!) Hopefully we’re all just getting it out of the way for a successful 2014 😉 Sorry you fell, hope you’re feeling okay! Glad you got to end on a positive note, though!

  4. Glad you are both ok!! Eek that gif gives me shivers!!

    Hope that you can get a replacement fast!! Two helmets is always a great idea, I have one for schooling and one for showing- which can back as a stand in if needed 🙂

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