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Arts and Crafts

I’m sure ya’ll are tired of hearing how terribly, horrible this winter has been, but seriously. It’s ridiculous. At this point, I’m praying for temperatures above freezing by March, which is sad and depressing. So what does a horse-deprived girl do during the days when she can’t get out to the barn?

Arts and crafts of course!

Okay, I confess that I’m not very crafty, but I do have wonderful ideas for crafts… or at least I spend a lot of time on the internet stealing everyone else’s crafty ideas. Then I send them to my mother who is super crafty. So here’s what Betty’s Customs has been working on lately:

saddle rack cover

Saddle Rack Cover

So I saw this originally on Pinterest, which led me to Salleighs Equine Design store on Etsy. This mother/daughter team sells covers for saddle racks that have pockets along the side. It’s brilliant for horse shows, where our typical set-up is one tack stall for 3-5 riders/horses so it’s essential to have lots of storage and take up as little room as possible.

Of course, I’m way too cheap to spend $55 on one. So I sent the picture to my mom who made one to match my garment bags (black with silver trim). The pockets can hold brushes, rags, my number and string… anything I might want easy access to. She also added a secret pocket on the inside to hold my keys and/or cellphone. Brilliant!

Stirrup Iron Cover

One of the ladies at the barn has this awesome stirrup iron cover. It goes over her saddle, so she can keep it on while she lunges instead of those weird straps. Plus it protects the saddle from any scratches. Which would be perfect since my new saddle will have beautiful calfskin leather and my stirrups have almost cheese-grater type pads.

Oooh, fancy!

So that’s next up on the list for snowy day arts and crafts. I’m hoping to get this cover monogrammed too!

And if anyone is so inclined, I could probably convince my mom to send over a pattern!


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14 thoughts to “Arts and Crafts”

  1. What great ideas! I love things that help me stay organized.

    Seriously, this winter is slowly killing me a little more everyday. And it snowed half the day again! Ugh!!!

  2. No kidding on this winter…. our last winter in Columbus it snowed and snowed and snowed (this was 1994, you probably weren’t even born yet, LOL) and then it was slushy just, like, FOREVAH. Bleah. It seemed like the universe was nothing but grey for months. So we moved to Nashville and there we stayed for five years, out of the snow zone for the most part. But, that was just too far south for this Jersey Girl, so we packed up and moved to St. Louis in 1999 and have been here ever since. Needless to say there are winters when I miss N’ville and this has definitely been one of them!

    Crafty mothers are the da bomb. I’ve been fortunate to have one my entire life and while she has largely hung up her sewing machine, she can still be relied upon for dynamite party favor ideas, cute handmade cards and experimental cooking. When I was a kid she made TONS of clothes, curtains, slipcovers, cushions and for us kids, stuffed animals and dolls. She made me a lovely tangerine-colored riding jacket that I wore circa 1973 (this was before the plaid one I wore in around ’78. Gotta love the 70s), and hand-monogrammed chokers for my ratcatchers – one of which I have managed to hang onto.

    I myself am a decent seamstress although I have stuck to Halloween costumes, guinea pig beds/accessories and trade show banners (my husband’s business) in recent years. That stirrup-keeper would definitely be something I could tackle, but not the saddle cover – that looks very ambitious! Nice job by your mom. 🙂

    P.S. I’m a dummy and forgot to check “Notify me” on the post where I commented about being an Ag Comm major at OSU. I’m still just tickled that I found your blog and would love to discuss my Ohio marketing world experiences (and the Buckeyes, of course) with you! Email address is Riderwriter13 at, if you want to “PM” me. 🙂

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