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Ariat Challenge Field Boot Review by

Product Review: Ariat Challenge Field Boot

Ariat Challenge Field BootsProduct Details

Ariat Challenge Field Boot
Retail Price: $399
What I Paid: $379
Purchased: July 2014

Ariat Challenge Field Boot Review

I bought these boots over the summer because I was paranoid that my other pair was going to break… plus I really wanted a pair of field boots with a higher-cut top and contour ankle. So I convinced my DH to let me buy a pair of field boots just for showing. I’ve owned Ariat tall boots for years and I absolutely love them — the brand fits me well, lasts a long time and is overall pretty affordable. I tried both the Ariat Challenge Field Boots, as well as the Tredstep Donatello Field Boots, and obviously the Ariats won. For me, the fit is just so much better: the calf is truly a wide, but tapers very nicely at the ankle so you can avoid the glorious “cankle” of the 90’s. I went with a square toe, instead of the typical round, for just a touch of variety and I think it looks quite good on me; either way, it’s nice to have the option for no extra fee. The swagger tab has a nice silver metal Ariat logo for just that touch of “sparkle” that is so popular on tall boots right now too.

Miles Sleepwalking Sept 2014

The leather is fairly thin, but thus far has held up to riding one horse four to five days per week, plus horse shows for about four months with hardly any sign of wear. Initially they took about two weeks to completely break in, but now they’re soft and flexible; comfortable enough for me to walk around in completely zipped up. Speaking of zippers, the ones on these boots are made to last and look [and feel!] very sturdy. Once cleaned, the leather shines up quite easily with just a quick buff. I’m interested to see how well they clean up when I actually shine them with some product!

My only complaint is that the footbed seems to be a bit too narrow for my foot, which sometimes causes slight discomfort. I think I’m in between a regular and wide footbed, so others may not have this issue. I have noticed that the slight numbing sensation has lessened over time, as the boots became more and more broken in.

Miles trotting

The Recommendation

At the very least, give these boots a chance! I know many equestrians are skeptical about the durability and quality of Ariat tall boots, but my experience has been tremendous. I love these boots and I’d highly recommend them to anyone. Not only do they look like a much more expensive brand, but they wear fabulously and are built to last. Now all I need are a pair in brown for schooling…

Ariat Challenge Field Boot

Ariat Challenge Field Boot











            The Good

            • High Quality
            • Good Value
            • Stylish
            • Durable

            The Bad

            • Slightly Narrow Footbed


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            16 thoughts to “Product Review: Ariat Challenge Field Boot”

              1. Thank god, because I have been desperately clinging to my Ariat field boots from 15 years ago because they’ve stretched enough over the years to accommodate my giant calves! I bought a different brand of boots a few years ago because they were wide enough and had zippers (which the elderly Ariats lack) but I HATE HATE HATE them. Ariat 4 lyfe y’all.

            1. I actually have a review of these drafted and forget to post it. While they fit well and broke in alright the zipper on mine refused to stay up and when it was in the keeper deal it stabbed me. Ariat replaced them for me (thankful for the customer service) but I decided to go the custom route… Which has been a nightmare…

              If I could get these for less money I wouldn’t mind it but overall I think the quality of the new “contour” version is sub par to my last pair of challenges 🙁 I guess things aren’t made he way they used to be! 🙂 good reveiw. I’m glad these worked so well for you!

              1. I’ve never had an issue with the zipper at all — mine have never fallen or been uncomfortable. I have a pair of the old Ariat Heritages, and I feel the exact opposite regarding quality. I feel that the Contour Challenges are much nicer and much more modern. But to each their own!

            2. Helpful review–I’ve been eyeing the brown ones, but since you pointed out the footbed is slightly narrow, I’ll have to keep looking. My feet are ridiculously wide. They look great on you–definitely a custom look!

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