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Fly On Over is an equestrian lifestyle blog devoted to connecting horse lovers around the world by providing equestrians with practical tips and tricks related to horse ownership, discussing training techniques for horse and rider, as well as covering industry news. Fly On Over is more than just a blog, it’s a community of equestrians sharing their passion. Ready to read more? Here are a few of my all-time favorite posts:

Meet the Author

bio-pic2Hi! I’m Tracy Beavers, the author of Fly On Over. I’m a full-time marketing and communications professional from Central Ohio and a huge equine enthusiast. I’ve loved horses ever since I was a kid, and from the very first riding lesson I ever took, I was hooked. Fly On Over follows my journey through horse ownership and as a working adult amateur trying to find success in the hunter/jumper show ring.

In addition to being an avid equestrian, I’m also a loving wife and mother to two dogs (a 6-year-old Havanese, Rocky, and 1 year-old Labradoodle, Kona). In my life sans horses, I enjoy watching Netflix, eating at local restaurants, traveling to the beach, and spending time with family.

Get to Know the Horse

Miles is a 9-year-old Thoroughbred gelding that I purchased in September 2013. He’s a little bit grumpy and a total ham for the camera, but he’s one heck of a horse. Despite being relatively young (did you know horses can live upwards of 30 years?!), he’s a laid back dude that puts up with all of my amateur mistakes. A day in Miles’ life typically includes all of his favorite things: some turnout time with friends, food and treats (because what guy doesn’t love food?), taking naps in the crossties and jumping. Lots and lots of jumping, because that’s what he really loves to do. And that’s just peachy with me, since I love to jump too!

We currently compete in 2’6″ Hunter classes on the local A and B rated show circuit. We occasionally add in a Hunter Derby or Equitation class just for the heck of it too, because Miles really loves to show. Being in the spotlight is where he really shines; his ears perk up and he floats around the ring like a champion… which he always is in my heart, regardless of ribbons or accolades. And at the end of a long show day (because let’s face it, they’re always long), the best part is being able to kiss my horse on the forehead and thank him for taking care of me and giving his all.

New Vocations Hunter Jumper Show Miles 2-6 Single

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  1. This is such an intelligent and lovely site, phenomenal advice also. So common sense and well balanced emotionally in presentation.

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