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Cantering at Sunset

A Quick Update

This post is also known as: I am so far behind on blogging and I have absolutely zero media to share, so I’m writing a quick recap to share what’s been going on. Lately, blogging has fallen a bit by the wayside as other areas of my life have become more hectic. Honestly, it’s not a bad thing — although I am missing you guys a tiny bit. I’ve been trying to stay up-to-date on reading and commenting, but writing has been more… elusive for me these days.

Miles Cantering 2015


Ever since our first horse show, Miles has been really good. We’ve had a lot of really great rides, including a trail ride where we walked INTO and THROUGH the creek for the very first time. Miles is even walking through ditches somewhat reliably now, which is great. I’m hoping to participate in the farm’s annual Hunter Pace in August, so I’m making hitting the trails a bigger priority. I think Miles enjoys being out of the sandbox (when the bugs aren’t too bad) and it’s a nice change of pace for all of us.

In the ring, I’m working on a few different things: proper bending and impulsion through corners, transitions within gaits and strengthening Miles’s stifles. All of these things are going really well, albeit slowly, and sometimes we still have the occasional crabby discussion about really, truly, going forward. But all in all, my rides on Miles have been fun and productive… which is all I’ve ever really wanted in the first place.

Moiya Walking


The little bay corvette is doing well — she’s a bit on the back burner with show season in full swing, but we don’t have any goals together so the lack of consistent work and progress doesn’t bother me. I’m sure Moiya would prefer to be ridden a bit more, with a slightly more regular schedule, but she’s handling it all in stride… when she’s not in heat. Which she currently is. Accordingly, she’s been quite moody, but I’ve just adjusted my plans each ride, shrug my shoulders, and agree that at 17, Moiya can do what Moiya wants. Like in our lesson when she was hot to the touch and only cared about the gelding screaming his head off in turn out, so we jumped one jump and then did some flatwork. Or like yesterday when she decided she didn’t want to go forward in the ring, so we walked and trotted in the grass.

Mares, man.

2016 Showtime at Delaware Memorial Day Classic

Show Schedule

We have a few upcoming shows on the calendar: this weekend (June 24-26) and next weekend (July 1-3), including the next Showtime Series which is moving to a brand new venue! I’ve been watching the construction companies drone videos of the progress like a crazy woman, and while I’m still a  bit nervous about how it will all pan out (they didn’t have rings or stalls built until THIS WEEK), I’m also pretty pumped to see it. Regardless of what happens, I’ll be able to say I showed at the very first horse show held at the new Willow Way Equestrian Center 🙂

The following weekend we’re attending the New Vocations Charity Horse Show, which is my favorite show each year. It’s not rated, so we always have a bigger group of horses that go with us, and the schedule has a million options for 2’6″ Hunters, plus cool classes like a Hunter Team Challenge and Hunter Classic. Of course, what all I enter will depend on how things are going, but I’m planning to skip some of the division options and have fun in the cool classes — despite how (not) competitive we’ll be. I just want to go and have fun, regardless of ribbons!


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  1. Glad to hear everything’s going well! I totally know the feeling of “Moiya is 17, so Moiya can do what Moiya wants”- this is why Moe eats a dozen donuts and rubs his head on me constantly. 😂

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