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Our Lovely Loft

A Lovely Loft

One of the features I love about our home is our second-story loft space. It’s a wide open room that gets a ton of natural light, and can be used for anything. Right now, it’s set up as a second family room with some of our old furniture. Of course, you won’t be surprised when I tell you I also have big plans for our lovely loft! Luckily for me, my mom has been instrumental in making this space come to life. Thanks mom <3

Mood Board and Inspiration

Loft Mood Board

I love mood boards for interior decorating. They are a lot of fun to put together, and really help me keep track of my vision for each room. Right now, I want this space to largely remain open for a variety of things: crafts, laundry sorting, tack cleaning… and anything else I need space for. So the goal is to keep the furniture minimal, but still provide plenty of options in terms of functioning as a true second family room. I also want this room to set the tone for our second story: where the downstairs is more cool tones with open spaces, I want the upstairs to be more warm and loud… showcasing our personalities a bit more.

Coming to Life

Our Lovely Loft

So far, we’ve made a lot of progress! Of course, I’m still carrying through my grey and navy color scheme, but in a bolder way. We’ve painted (a majority of the walls are the same color that we used throughout the downstairs, Sherwin Williams Olympus White), but I decided to go with a really loud navy accent wall (Sherwin Williams Loyal Blue). This room gets plenty of light, so while I was nervous to paint a wall such a dark color, it actually looks really sharp. And you can see just a hint of  this color from the entryway, which is pretty cool too.

Lovely Loft Side View

Of course we brought more equestrian wall art upstairs, and my mom made new roman shades for the windows. We also bought some new pillows to tie in our existing couches, which are beige and totally don’t go with our color scheme at all, but were free and are still in good shape, so they’ll do for now. We have a few new(er) furniture pieces in the works, and hopefully by early summer the room will look even more cozy and like my mood board vision. We also replaced our very first light fixture with a spur of the moment purchase from Lowe’s. Totally worth the money, and I ‘m really glad we grabbed it! Overall, it’s a pretty big transformation from the listing pictures, I think:

Loft Before and After

Finally, I also want to add some more personal touches to our upstairs, to make it more “us.” I’m thinking about doing a big picture gallery on the wall above the oversized chair (where the new couch will go). What do you guys think?


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8 thoughts to “A Lovely Loft”

  1. This is all so fun to track! I wish I had a better eye for decorating and organizing a room but maybe by reading enough of these and watching enough HGTV I’ll learn. Haha.

  2. So nice! I love your style. You make me wish I was more crafty/handy. Can’t wait to see what more you’ve got planned for your home.

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