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6’8″ Side Saddle… Seriously?!

I saw this video on Horse Nation, and it is unreal. I mean, watching the WIHS Jumper Puissance always gives me the chills. As horse and rider come towards that ominous brick wall and they can barely see above it, I always wonder “is that horse really going to go over?”

But this video takes the cake. This girl has serious balls — she jumped a 6’8″ puissance wall SIDE SADDLE.

There is literally a point where they come to that jump and you CANNOT SEE THE HORSE. At all. So badass.

In other news, a big THANK YOU to Amanda at Keepin’ It Loki for nominating me for the Sunshine Award! I already did the post, you can read all about it here.

Also, make sure to check out SprinklerBandit’s Dream Horse Studio Contest to win a pair of fancy patent leather Carnivale Open Front Boots!


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8 thoughts to “6’8″ Side Saddle… Seriously?!”

  1. OMG… Just OMG That was amazing! I am just excited if I make it through the trot poles! HAHAHA Headed over to check out that contest! Have a great day!!!

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