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5 Reasons to Give SmartPak Piper Breeches a Second Chance

5 Reasons to Give SmartPak Piper Breeches a Second Chance

Does anyone remember the SmartPak Bradley Breeches? I ordered a pair the first week they came out and was horribly disappointed by the fit. It was awful… nothing about those breeches worked on me. So I completely understand why many equestrian’s were hesitant about trying SmartPak’s second attempt with the Piper Breech. I know plenty of equestrians who did try again, and just didn’t love the Pipers: they sagged in the crotch and the material pilled at the inner thighs. But I’m here to tell you that third times the charm. Here’s 5 reasons you really do need to give SmartPak Pipers just one more chance:

1. Dramatically improved fit

I have five pairs of SmartPak Piper breeches now, purchased throughout the last two years. The fit has changed dramatically since I purchased my first pair. The rise is lower, by several inches, and they don’t sag nearly as much on me (although, it’s important to note that every brand of breeches including Tailored Sportsman, sags on me a little bit without a belt). The fabric still stretches, but not as much anymore and I can wear them all day long without an issue.

SmartPak Piper Breeches in Merlot

2. Better material quality

My first pair of Pipers pilled on the upper inside of the thigh within the first few rides. I was really disappointed, but other than the cosmetic ugliness of the fabric there, the durability of the fabric has help up just fine. But for all of us hunter princesses out there, I’m happy to report that my last three pairs of Pipers haven’t pilled at all. In fact, the fabric still looks brand new, with no signs of wear at all.

SmartPak Piper Breeches in Blue Jean

3. Options galore

Just about every season, SmartPak rolls out new options for the Piper Breech. Choose between front zip, side zip, knee patch, full seat, long lengths and plus sizes. Do you want one of the 10 colorful trim options? Or would you prefer one of the 5 classic colors? Or you could just go balls to the wall with the awesome full seat plaid colors. The only other company that has more options than that is Tailored Sportsman, and their breeches are $190. Which brings me to my next point…

SmartPak Piper Breeches in Wheat

4. You still can’t beat the price

The full retail for SmartPak Piper breeches are $80. If you have SmartPak supplements on autoship you get an automatic 10% off. If you’re a member of USEF or AQHA you also get 5% off. Plus, every few months SmartPak sends out a promo code for 20% off Piper breeches and you can combine all of these discounts, making the final price of your breeches $59. So you can buy 3 pairs of Pipers for every one pair of Tailored Sportsman. Not too shabby, eh?

Moiya's Fancy Trot

5. Free shipping, no-hassle returns

Still not convinced? Try ’em. You get free shipping on orders over $75, and free, truly no hassle returns. It’s better than going to the tack store to try stuff on, because you never have to leave your house.

5 Reasons to Give SmartPak Piper Breeches a Second Chance


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14 thoughts to “5 Reasons to Give SmartPak Piper Breeches a Second Chance”

  1. Happy that yours haven’t pilled on the inner thighs! I just bought a second pair after last year’s pair wore a hole in the thigh from all the friction (go Thunder Thighs!) and the new pair already has pilling in the thigh after about 8 rides. I’m bummed. I also feel like my last pair fit better than this pair does. I got them on the 20% off sale though so I won’t complain too much. And I want to try the side zip. 😊

  2. I was hoping you’d say they just redid them, but alas the ones I hated so much were from a year ago. They have such great colors and they’re so cheap, I wish I didn’t hate the fit and fabric.

  3. i was decidedly unimpressed with my first pair of pipers straight out of the box. they were stiff and just… hrm. but they were a good deal and i kept them. and over time, discovered that i was reaching for them more and more and more, way more than my other pants, and that i was always a little disappointed when they were in the dirty laundry pile. i guess they just need to be worn a couple times for their true essence to shine through? idk, but i have three pairs now and wouldn’t hesitate to snatch up more!

  4. I really want the plaid ones! I like my pipers well enough, the full seats go for a bit more, but they’re still the best fitting and longest lasting in the almost nonexistent <$100 price range for full seats.

  5. I picked up one of the new colors during a sale, and I have definitely noticed a difference in fabric and fit. They are too hot for me most of the year, but I like them for a Texas winter.

  6. How can you tell which are the new ones? I got a pair late spring time, and they’re fine. That’s all I can really say about them. They fit ok. They do sag in the crotch area a little. I feel like the thighs are a little small while the rest fits pretty well. Mine have pilled some… But I don’t know if they’re the new ones or the old ones? They are the ones with the colored piping.

  7. I may have to jump on this bandwagon soon. I have been eyeing them forever, but I am super cheap. Well, several pairs of my super cheap breeches now have holes in various unsavory spots. I think its time to perhaps invest in some good breeches.

  8. I have three pairs of Pipers. I also reviewed them on my blog several months ago when I was in love with them. I still like them, but I’ve moved on. I have a new pair of TS (the vintage black forest green) ones. I broke the piggy bank and feel like a million bucks in them. I’m not going to throw out my Pipers any time soon, but I think I might opt to save up for the fancier ones and just have fewer breeches. Kind of like when I made the switch several years ago from Gap and Old Navy jeans to Paige. Nothing compares to the fit of an expensive pair of jeans–same w/ breeches (sadly). Glad to hear the newer ones aren’t pilling. That was a disappointing factor with my first two Pipers.

  9. I have WAY too many pairs of Pipers (I think every color except military green, plus both plaid ones, and 3 of the classics. Yes, I have a problem). But you know what? They fit me better than Any. Other. Breeches. I went to my local tack shop and tried on at least 10 pairs of Ariat, Pikeur, Kerrits, Goode Rider, Romfh, and Tailored Sportsman breeches. The Goode Riders were pretty good. One pair of Romfhs was ok. Considering NONE of these breeches were under $110, I gave up and decided Pipers were it. 😊

  10. I’m the exact opposite.. TS do not fit me AT ALL. It’s very disappointing.. But I suppose my bank account isn’t complaining. However.. Every single pair of smartpak brand breeches I’ve tried fits me like a glove. I have Bradleys.. And just about every knee patch variety of pipers! They definitely aren’t the 100% most durable things in the world.. But I’ve gotten most of mine on sale.

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