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Fly On Over 5 Day Challenge

5 Day Challenge – Day 3

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11. Critique your horse’s conformation

I like to go from front to back, so here goes: I like Miles’ kind eyes, and while his head isn’t particularly typey, it isn’t too big or too small either. His neck could be a bit thicker and more muscled, and certainly ties in a bit low, especially for what I like to see in a hunter.
I like his muscling through the shoulder and forearm though, his front legs are straight (or close enough), but his shoulder angle and pastern angle are closer to 55 degrees, rather than the ideal 45, in my opinion.
Miles is a bit long in his midsection, and especially long through the back. I’m hoping that once he gains more  muscling along his topline, that it won’t look quite so prominent.
Moving on to the hindquarters, there is good muscling throughout and I quite like the straightness of his back legs. Compared to the shoulders though, you can see how the hindquarters are just built slightly too small — they are too close in size to the musculature in the front end of the horse. Some of this I think can be corrected through more exercise, but unfortunately some of that is just how Miles is built.
Overall? Not the best conformation and I won’t be winning any model or conformation hunter classes. But he is functional, and that’s all I care about!
Miles Confor Spet 2013
September 2013

12. Horse’s favorite riding exercise

Miles likes to jump hunter courses. All day, every day he would pick “let’s go jump around” to anything else… except maybe stand in the middle of the ring and take a nap. But it would have to be hunter courses — jumper turns are too tough. And the more going on, the better. Miles thinks it’s always better to have lots and lots of friends about and fun, interesting jumps.

13. Favorite spa day products

Miles hates spa time, so my grooming routine is a lot shorter than I would like it some days. But it’s honestly just not worth fighting over. So my favorite things include:
  • Show Sheen – Instead of actually currying to get your horse clean, Miles prefers to be instantaneously clean… or rather LOOK clean, but not actually BE clean. It also detangles Miles’ tail… which he hates to be brushed.
  • Head & Shoulders Shampoo – When I’m actually looking to get Miles clean, bathing is honestly the easiest (it’s the one grooming routine he objects the least to). Head & Shoulders blasts away any and all skin grossness, is easy to stop and pick up at my local Walgreens on the way to the barn, and rinses off fairly easily.

14. Three best things about your horse

  1. Miles is calm, cool and collected — he hardly ever bats an eyelash, and when he does it’s more of a “stop and stare”
  2. Miles can take a joke — He’s practically a professional comedian; I slam him into a fence, ask him to take a long spot and forget to release… and he just keeps going like “Oh, mom, that was funny… don’t do it again.”
  3. Miles has a personality — It might not be charming or win any awards, but I love that Miles has his own personality. It might be grumpy most of the time, but he’s not bland, that’s for sure.

15. Favorite picture of your horse


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  1. A horse with personality is that much cuter! Wilbur lets his tongue hang out when he’s not working and everyone at the barn gets a kick out of it (of course I’m like- put that away please). Miles looks adorable!

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