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Miles and Tracy 4th Overall Limit Equitation

4th Overall in Limit Equitation

I love to show and I love winning ribbons. Satin isn’t what it’s all about for me, but it is a really fun perk to the entire horse showing experience. That said, I haven’t campaigned for a year-end award in a really, really long time… as in since I graduated from high school. I haven’t joined any organizations beyond what’s required at the national level and haven’t thought much about year-end awards at all. Even though this year I had Miles who has the potential to be very competitive when his rider doesn’t get in the way, my plan in 2014 was to change divisions mid-year. I figured only showing half the year in each division wouldn’t make me competitive [and let’s face it, I had zero illusions of placing much at all once I did move up] so I kicked the can down the road, so to speak.

Some areas have lots of different organizations you can join and earn points towards various awards. While my area doesn’t have a ton of associations, we do have two prominent show series throughout the summer that offer year-end awards. You don’t have to sign up or pay any additional fee; they just track your points throughout the year. Even so, I figured I’d be out of the running since I changed divisions halfway through and missed a few shows here and there. But… apparently I was wrong.

Because somehow Miles and I scored 4th Overall in Limit Equitation at the Delaware Showtime Series this year!

Miles and Tracy 4th Overall Limit Equitation at Delaware

We showed in three classes at two shows earning two firsts and a fourth to snag the award. I am really, really proud of Miles and I for this award for so many reasons. I’d never thought we’d do well enough to win a year-end titles this year since our partnership is so new and because we changed divisions. But beyond that, I certainly never thought in a million years I’d get an award in equitation. I’m not a pretty rider and equitation is not my game; my riding goal is to stay out of the way as much as possible and not make my horse’s job too terribly much harder. I usually tell people I’m an equitation nightmare… but I guess I have to stop saying that now 😉

Thanks to everyone from Brookside Farms for helping make this happen, to my husband and friends for pushing me to show in the equitation classes at all and to my family who came out and supported me every step of the way. It’s a dream come true to be successful with my own horse again.

4th Overall Limit Equitation at Delaware Showtime


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    1. Also FYI, this post inspired me to email the coordinator of the local series I did, to inquire about year-end awards. I attended all of their shows and took home a number of blues and reds, but it is their first time having year-ends…

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