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Miles and I jumping 2'9"


I read a lot of blogs, all with horses and riders of varying skill levels and goals. I would venture to say that I am one of the less experienced bloggers out there, but ya’ll seem to put up with my weenie adult amateur moments. Today I’m not going to talk about one of those moments though. Instead, I’m going to show you a video of me jumping the highest I’ve ever jumped in my entire life: 2’9″.


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42 thoughts on “2’9″

  1. I’ve jumped 3′ only, what, 3 times? It was all the same day. I practice over 2′ – 2’6″. If I just ride the bigger jumps the same way I ride the smaller jumps, they feel the same! No reason to jump my horse’s legs off just to put me in order…
    I’m right there with you! Way to go!! =D

    1. It’s amazing how much bigger 2’9″ looks than 2’3″, but once you actually DO it, it doesn’t FEEL that much different.

  2. Congrats!! The beauty of being an adult ammy is that we don’t all have to celebrate the same achievements. Your Rolex can be a 3′ hunter derby or jumping 2’9″ or doing a first level dressage test.

    You and Miles look great. Well done!

  3. Yay! You guys look great, and super relaxed! 🙂

    Personally, I love reading blogs that are both more and less advanced than I am. I pick up great training tips, and lots of good ideas from both! Sometimes a less advanced rider reminds me not to neglect a more basic skill, and an advanced rider can help me figure out a problem I’m puzzling out. We’re all in it together, right?

  4. Way to go! And there is nothing wrong with jumping small! To be honest I jumped too big too fast and now my basics are crap! So consider yourself way ahead of me! 🙂

    1. Haha, I did that too, and it’s taken me about 2 years to learn to use my reins independently of one another. Oops!

  5. Woohoo 2’9″ Is PLENTY big to me, I have yet to get there, stuck at 2’3″- 2’6″ (all me, mentally) and very few times does above that even sound fun! You guys look great, very calm, and steady.

    1. Oh man, I totally feel your pain. Height is such a big mental block for me. I’m just grateful to have a horse that really doesn’t feel the same way, haha!

  6. Wonderful! Seems like your new saddle fits you both to a “t,” which is awesome, too.

    As a crazy kid I jumped 4′ on a pony (not a whole course, but an element in one), but ain’t no way I’m doing THAT again. When I was taking lessons regularly 10 years ago, I did some 2’9″ as part of gymnastics, but a 2’3″ course still feels just fine and dandy!

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