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27 Questions for -27 Degrees

The windchill here in wonderful Fly Over Country is -27 degrees. I haven’t seen Miles since Sunday and I probably won’t see him until Friday. Which means no lesson, no riding and worst of all no fun or interesting blogging material. So instead I present a tumblr equestrian questionnaire mash-up!


1. Favorite thing about riding? It’s the perfect combination of mental and physical, emotion and indifference. I love the feeling you get when you have a great ride; in my opinion, there’s nothing better!

2. Green horse or trained horse? Trained. I don’t think I’m an experience enough rider to train a green horse, plus, riding is my hobby; training up a young horse doesn’t really sound fun to me.

3. Have you ever wanted to quit riding? Yes. I’ve almost quit twice – once in high school and once more recently during my horse shopping experience.

4. Do you prefer to ride inside or outside? Outside! But I won’t ride in bad weather and I’m very picky about the footing… so I do ride inside with fair frequency.

5. How many times a week do you ride? On average, probably 4.

6. Have you ever fallen off at a show? How? Oh yeah. Many different ways. Nothing like eating dirt in front of the judge and having to climb back on for the next class!

7. Do you have a private or group lesson? I like a mixture – but I mostly ride in group or semi-private lessons. I’m hoping to get one private lesson a month this winter though.

8. In your opinion does it make you less of a rider if you don’t own a horse? Heck no! Owning is about money, not about how well you ride.

9. Do you plan on having horses in your life, for the rest of your life? Absolutely. There might be times when I can’t show, ride or own, but they will always be a fixture in my life: someway, somehow.

10. If you could ride any famous horse (dead or alive) who would it be? Why? Well, he’s not quite famous, but my choice would definitely, without a doubt be Visa. I still miss him every day.

11. Does winning ribbons matter to you? Yes. I started riding because I was too competitive to play nice with others. Riding has taught me to be most competitive with myself though, so ribbons aren’t the only thing that matters to me.

12. Worst riding experience? I didn’t really enjoy my time in IHSA… although that was due to the barn and surrounding atmosphere, not the organization itself.

13. Describe a time when you wanted another equestrian to fail at something — I am sorry to say that there have been many times when the green monster of envy has made me wish another rider wouldn’t do well. It’s something that seems fairly prevalent in the show world, especially, and I’m working really hard to get rid of those feelings. We should cheer for each other, not bring each other down. If you want to win, work harder, don’t try to bring someone else down.

14. Describe the proudest or happiest moment you can think of in your riding career – When I placed 3rd in Hunter Hack at State Fair with Visa, I was so excited. We’d worked really hard to get there, and I was overwhelmed with love for my horse and gratitude for all the people that helped get me there.

15. Do you think any disciplines are cruel? Which one(s) and why? I don’t think any discipline in itself is cruel – it’s the “training” methods that some people choose to use that are abusive.

16. Your worst riding habit? Not working out aside from riding. I know it’s technically not a riding habit, but my lack of general fitness really negatively impacts my riding.

17. When you’re in the show ring, what’s going through your mind? Breathe, check your pace and just ride. Remember to flow and make decisions.

18. If you owned a barn, would you try for a laid back casual atmosphere, or a professional fast paced one? Or a mix, and explain! First, I hope to never own a barn, especially a boarding barn. But if I did, I would definitely want a professional casual barn… meaning professional staff with knowledge, but no dress code and no pressure to ride or show with the resident trainer.

19. I give you a $2,000 gift card to your favorite tack store/online retailer, what do you buy? Well, I’d probably put it towards a new saddle right now, but that’s not very fun. I’d love to overhaul my show outfit too, so I’d probably go with new breeches, show coat and helmet!

20. You’re riding in an arena at home with several other riders, and one of them obviously doesn’t know the rules of the ring, even though they’re posted. The others are clearly annoyed, would you do anything? Depends on the age of the rider, and what exactly they’re doing. If it’s dangerous, I would probably say something to the rider, although very politely. If it’s just annoying, I’d leave and ride somewhere else.

21. Worst fear riding? That I will seriously injure myself or my horse by making a mistake.

22. How old do you imagine you’ll be when you stop riding, and what’s the cause? 90, and I probably died. Seriously, I hope to ride for a very long time and be very old when I take my final ride.

23. If you could own any number of horses, would they all be the same discipline or a mix? If money were no object, I would love to have horses in different disciplines: hunters, jumpers and Reiners. But They’d all still have to live relatively close to me, so I could go see them ALL the time.

bay hunter jumper

24. Favorite colors for your horse? Miles looks best in Navy and Hunter Green, but black is fine too.

25. Favorite tack brand? Right now I have a mild obsession with CWD and Vespucci.

26. If given the opportunity would you breeze a race horse? HELL NO. Like, absolutely not, even if you paid me. I am waaaayyy too much of a chicken to try that.

27. Three ‘You know you’re an equestrian when…’
You know you’re an equestrian when you struggle to get up in the morning for school or work, but you jump out of bed before your 5 am alarm for a horse show

You know you’re an equestrian when you have more pairs of riding boots than regular shoes

You know you’re an equestrian when your idea of a Saturday night out is watching the Grand Prix


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9 thoughts to “27 Questions for -27 Degrees”

  1. You and me both on IHSA…from the college’s equine department nearly axing the entire hunt seat team due to the drama getting *that bad*, to the best rider on the team not getting chosen for the nationals team due to her legs being short, it left me with a seriously bad taste in my mouth. And I don’t feel like I learned much from it, aside from how to mitigate disaster, quickly analyze my horse, and make do with all different sizes of saddles.

    1. I had always ridden my own horse, so I think the fact that I didn’t have experience riding a lot of other horses really didn’t help

  2. People seem split 50/50 on IHSA. I’m sure a lot of that has to do with the kind of team you’re on though. I absolutely LOVED my time and need to blog about it, because it was very influential in my riding career.

    1. I don’t think the problem is IHSA, and I totally agree that it’s all about the individual program and zone you end up in!

  3. I LOVED your answers to #27 (obviously because most of them are true for ALL equestrians)! I especially loved the one about your number of shoes 🙂

  4. I’ve been freezing right along with you! I still can’t really drive anywhere, although I did brave the ice roads to check on the boys last night.
    One of my best friends did IHSA at OSU when she started college (in 01, god I feel old))and quit pretty quickly, it sounded like they were the worst. Of course Findlay did ruin a nice horse I knew as well. I wouldn’t have been able to do IHSA I don’t think, those saddles and any small horse would have been a disaster since I’m so tall.

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