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Visa Jump at Geauga County Fair 2006


Today, my old red man would have been 22. It’s hard to think about all of the things he never got to do or experience — like the fact that he never got to visit my current boarding barn or meet my current trainer. My BFF never got to ride him and my DH never got to take him on a trail ride. Even though Visa was semi-retired, I still had plans, hopes and dreams for us. But none of that ever became reality. Instead, I have a new red horse who’s filling those impossibly large steel shoes.

Hugging Visa

So I allow myself some sad moments to lament over all of the things that could have been, but then I move on. I try to remember all the he taught me and how if it weren’t for him, I’d never have Miles. And as the years pass, I realize that the hole in my heart is getting smaller. I don’t miss him quite as often and the pain isn’t quite as unbearable as it used to be. So while Miles will never be my first horse and he’ll never replace what I had with Visa, he is helping me move on. And at the end of the day, I know that’s what Visa would want. He’d tell me, with a nudge of his head and a glaring look in his eye, that he didn’t train me and teach me for all those years just so that I could throw it all away.

Visa at Chagrin 2007

Saddle up and get back on kid, because the journey isn’t over.


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19 thoughts to “22”

  1. Sounds like you and Visa had some wonderful years together. He had such a sweet face <3
    I carry the lessons I learned from Blue in my heart always. He had a bit of a tough life and my tribute to him now is bringing up my young horses with kindness (the way I wish he had his start).

  2. So much love. It’s so hard, that pain doesn’t seem like it could ever get smaller, but somehow time and love start to help.

  3. I totally get it. And one thing you and I have in common is our current horses look very similar to our previous equine loves. I don’t think I knew that before. Did you have reservations about Miles at first because of the similarity?

  4. And one other thing. . . tee hee. I keep wanting to tell you that Miles reminds me a bit of my first horse Daytona. Same coloring, similar face markings. Daytona was pretty much a stinker, so I’m sure the similarities end there.

  5. great post. It’s been 4+ years since my heart horse passed away and I still think about him regularly and miss him. Some of those horses are just once in a life time. But you’re right- they didn’t waste all those hours training us for nothing! Very beautiful tribute.

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