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PNC Park

The ‘Burgh

Last weekend I indulged my husband and went on a short trip to Pittsburgh to watch baseball. He comes to all my horse shows, so a few times a year we travel to see his favorite team (the Atlanta Braves) play. Typically we go to Cincinnati… but I hate that city and somehow we always have some sort of comedy of errors that lead to a bad time. This year, we figured we’d go to Pittsburgh. It’s only one additional hour away, compared to Cinci, and neither of us had ever been. So on Friday morning we packed up and headed out.


Miles Badonkadonk

Spring Sillies

We’ve reached the point of spring in the¬†Midwest where all it does is rain and the pastures are saturated, and complete mud pits. While I’m definitely grateful for the warmer temperatures,¬†Miles isn’t happy being stuck inside so much. Less turnout means more energy and Miles doesn’t always use his enthusiasm for good.