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Suzanne with Bruin and Reiki

I’ll See You Again

The past few months of my life have included saying goodbye a lot. I’ve said goodbye to a few acquaintances who I didn’t know as well, but I’ve also said goodbye to two of the best people I’ve ever known. I’ve been very lucky in that I haven’t experienced much death, especially of those close to me. But saying goodbye to my husband’s best friend, and now a fellow equestrian, is really hard. One of the ways I’m coping with my grief is to be open about it… and let the process take its natural course.

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Tack Stall Organization

It’s the dead of winter here in the Midwest, which means bitter cold temps, grey skies, snow and ice. I’m still faithfully trekking out to the barn to ride (thanks to our wonderful indoor arenas!), but I can’t help but dream about summer horse shows. You know, where the sun is shining, and I’m not racing to finish my ride as quickly as possible because I think my toes have frostbite. Our small group of show-goers has this winter tradition that we call “The Horse Show Fairy.” See, this “fairy” comes when winter is particularly nasty and drops off little reminders of show season like a new crop, hoof polish, etc. This year the coalition of horse show fairies has decided to get together and organize our tack stall.

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5 Easy to Miss Grooming Spots by

5 Easy to Miss Grooming Spots

Call me vain and superficial if you want to, but I take pride in how my horse looks both at home and at horse shows. My preferences go beyond just a shiny coat… I want to see a well-turned out horse from head to toe. Sometimes it’s the little things that drive me crazy, and those tend to be what I notice the most. There are a lot of little places that can easily get neglected when you’re feeling a little bit lazy or you’ve been particularly busy, but here are my top five easy to miss grooming spots:

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