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canter right along

Really, Ridiculously Good Ponies

Like I said in my last post, I haven’t been riding much. Right now, Miles and Moiya are lucky if they each get ridden twice a week… which definitely isn’t ideal (especially for Moiya). But sometimes life happens, and riding falls a bit by the wayside. Despite the utter lack of consistency in either horse’s program, every time I’ve ridden in the last two weeks, they’ve been really, ridiculously good ponies.


sleepy kona

1 Month of Baby Dog

I’ve been looking at adding another member to our family for quite some time… and by autumn, I was dying for a little, squishy puppy. So I finally convinced my dearest husband, and the search was on in earnest. It didn’t take long to find the perfect addition… a 10 week old female chocolate labradoodle! So we paid the deposit and picked her up the day we returned from our vacation. That was mid-October, and we’ve had Kona for just over one month now.