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Why do I make such ugly faces when I show

Trucking Right Along

After the show, Miles got a few days off, so we’ve only put in three rides since. Maybe it’s just my wishful thinking, but his attitude seems different — Miles seems more relaxed and happy and our rides have been short and sweet. The real test of course will be our lesson tonight, and I’m anxious to see how it goes.


Fancy Trot Delaware 2015

7 Lessons Learned

The first horse show of the year is always the toughest — and I’m definitely still recuperating. Before I completely lose track of everything that happened, I want to write down a few things I learned and some of the big wins for me. I didn’t have any goals for this show, so nothing big to “cross off the list” so to speak, but there were a lot of positives that happened and I’m all about celebrating every single win I can find these days.


Chestnut Wonder Twins at 2016 May Delaware

2016 May Showtime at Delaware Recap

Our first horse show of the year is in the books! I went in without any expectations, and I vowed I would do whatever I wanted — no matter what that was. The show ended up better than I could have ever imagined, thanks in large part to my amazing team and support system. So thanks to all who made this weekend a possibility, and supported me throughout (you know who you are). Your kind words, gentle encouragement and hard work allowed me to succeed this weekend.