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Hyper reactive is the best adjective I’ve found to describe my feelings toward horses, and Miles specifically, in the last few months. Ya’ll probably have whiplash from my posts (I know I do). One week things are oh so amazing, and the next week is the pits.  I’m working on allowing myself to have these emotional responses, yet not writing about them in the moment and giving myself more time to process. Hence, fewer blog posts. So what’s been going on?


Moiya with a Loose Rein

Counter Intuitive

The temperature dropped here in Central Ohio this week, in addition to getting a little bit of snow. Lessons were cancelled, so I’ve spent some extra time mulling over a few recent rides on Moiya. I’ve come to the conclusion that Moiya is a counter-intuitive ride, which is one of the things that makes her so difficult. Well, that and the fact that she’s sensitive and opinionated. But today I want to focus on some of the things that I’ve learned over the last few months about riding Moiya that seem… well… the opposite of what I would first think to do.


Equestrian Devices Background: Heels Down

Friday Freebie: Heels Down Device Backgrounds

I follow a lot of blogs. 275 to be exact, including more than 200 equestrian-centric blogs. My other favorite categories of blogs are home decor and organization, plus a few marketing blogs and… blogging tips/advice. One of the cool things that some of these blogs do are freebies. I’ve done one before (remember my printable stall card?), and I’ve been brainstorming new freebies I can give away ever since. Because who doesn’t like free stuff?!


Horse On Course

108 Days

I’ve got horse show fever. After visiting Hillary at Roberts Arena this weekend and my Instagram being flooded with pictures from WEF, all I really want to do is step into an arena and horse show. Of course, I’m not quite ready to show 2’6″ again yet, but I’m working towards that goal ever ride, every lesson. Also, I may have purchased a Show Vibes sweater to ease the pain (#sorrynotsorry). Naturally, I’ve started a countdown to our first show of the season in late May: 108 days to go ya’ll.