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Moiya with a Loose Rein

Counter Intuitive

The temperature dropped here in Central Ohio this week, in addition to getting a little bit of snow. Lessons were cancelled, so I’ve spent some extra time mulling over a few recent rides on Moiya. I’ve come to the conclusion that Moiya is a counter-intuitive ride, which is one of the things that makes her so difficult. Well, that and the fact that she’s sensitive and opinionated. But today I want to focus on some of the things that I’ve learned over the last few months about riding Moiya that seem… well… the opposite of what I would first think to do.

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Equestrian Devices Background: Heels Down

Friday Freebie: Heels Down Device Backgrounds

I follow a lot of blogs. 275 to be exact, including more than 200 equestrian-centric blogs. My other favorite categories of blogs are home decor and organization, plus a few marketing blogs and… blogging tips/advice. One of the cool things that some of these blogs do are freebies. I’ve done one before (remember my printable stall card?), and I’ve been brainstorming new freebies I can give away ever since. Because who doesn’t like free stuff?!

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Moiya Canters Away

Strength of Aids

I’m at a point in my riding where I know a lot of the basics. For example, I know what a half halt it, how to perform a half halt and the general circumstances in which I should apply a half halt. But what I’m still learning is how HARD to apply a half halt and how often I should half halt. These are more complicated questions because the answer is fluid: it depends. It depends on the horse, it depends on the day, and (most importantly) the answer can change throughout your ride.

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