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miles round canter at 2016 showtime

2016 in Retrospect: Goals Review

In the past, I’ve done a quarterly review of my goals, but with all the (many) ups and downs of this year, I didn’t. Sometimes it was too painful to see just how far away I was from where I wanted to be, other times riding fell pretty far by the wayside as life got in the way. Nevertheless, I really like to do goal reviews to remind myself of what I have accomplished, and where I still want to go.

september 2016 showtime - first time in ring 1

Riding Goals

  • Finesse the regular horse strides
  • Show at 2’6″ on the correct strides
    I can FINALLY cross riding and showing at the correct pace off my list, and daggone it feels really fucking good!! I worked my ass off for the last two years to do it, but I’ve finally found the stride length I need in the show ring.
  • Improve lateral movements (leg yield, shoulder-in, haunches-in)
    I’ve been working on leg yields, mostly with Moiya, and those are improving. I’m hoping to get better at them, and learn shoulders/haunches-in later this winter.
  • Go on more trail rides
    I went on more trail rides in 2016 than I have the rest of my entire life combined… so that’s a big win. This included my first off-property trail rides with Miles, where he was awesome. I’m hoping to keep the trend going throughout the winter… depending on the weather. 
  • Jump natural obstacles in the field
  • Jump 3′
    Jumping bigger and in the field didn’t happen, but I’m honestly not upset about it at all. I had bigger issues to solve this year.

Overall, I conquered demons that weren’t on this list for most of the year like my confidence, not getting bucked off and not selling my horse. So when I look back at the year, I see how far I’ve come and I’m so proud of myself. This list doesn’t really reflect that, and that’s okay. My plan for the year changed, but I was still able to get some of my goals done… especially the BIG one of getting the correct pace!

miles round canter at 2016 showtime

Personal Goals

  • Commit to Fit (Workout regularly, Make healthier food choices)
  • Lose 20 pounds
  • Make more time for friends

Honestly, I kind of suck at accomplishing personal goals 😳 I’m no longer at my heaviest weight, but in order to lose more I need to make a bigger change… and I just haven’t committed to that yet. As for friends, I’ve done a better job spending time with them this year, but it’s always a balancing act.

Business Goals

  • Add one new product to The Printable Pony
  • Write 5 new guest blog posts
  • Develop freebies for the blog

I can’t lie, the “business” totally fell by the wayside this year. I just didn’t have the heart or the time, with so much else going on. Hopefully there will be a renewed effort in 2017!

Miles oxer at Willow Way June 2016 by J Winslow Photography

Bucket List

  • Win a hunter division champion
  • Win a year-end champion or reserve ribbon
  • Place in a hunter derby/special class
  • Go to an overnight (for me) show

As I’ve said before, these are just bonus items… and it’s pretty fucking awesome to be able to cross one off… especially this year!


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11 thoughts to “2016 in Retrospect: Goals Review”

  1. It has been so awesome to watch your confidence and riding skills skyrocket this year after all of the struggles you had early on! Looking forward to sitting in your cheering section again next year!

  2. Congrats on the accomplishments! It’s always interesting how much our goals can change with horses. They always come up with something new for us to overcome.

  3. Those big goals that weren’t on the list tell the real story – you and Miles killed it this year, the pieces finally came together for you! Congrats!

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