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2016 Gift Exchange from Saddle Seeks Horse

2016 Blogger Gift – Thanks Saddle Seeks Horse!

The Equestrian Blogger Gift Exchange is one of my favorite holiday traditions — it’s been a huge hit ever since I first started organizing the event, and since then, it’s only grown. Bloggers participate from all around the world and I always meet new people. I’m not sure what my favorite part is: matching everyone up, shopping for gifts or receiving a special package in the mail!

2016 Gift Exchange from Saddle Seeks Horse

This year, my “secret santa” was Susan from Saddle Seeks Horse. While Susan lives 2,500+ miles away, I’ve gotten to know her pretty well through her blog, social media and even a collaborative product review we did together. Her OTTB Knight is pretty freaking awesome, and I love her puppies! I got my package just before Christmas and was immediately delighted with the cute ornament packaging (not pictured, because I got so excited to open it I forgot to take a “before” picture). Inside was a variety of goodies for all the special people in my life: A large “Merry Christmas” banner that was hung over my breakfast bar to help decorate for my family’s visit, a copy of Sidelines magazine (the “hot horsemen” editionย  :-D), and of course treats for Miles and Moiya, AND Rocky and Kona.

Equestrian Coasters from Saddle Seeks Horse

Finally, in the most perfectly wrapped box I’ve ever seen (seriously Susan, how did you DO that?!) was a set of equestrian coasters! Even my husband loved the design, and they’ve been residing in my living room, getting regular use. Thank you so much Susan, for all the thoughtful gifts for the entire family!


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8 thoughts to “2016 Blogger Gift – Thanks Saddle Seeks Horse!”

  1. The blogger gift exchange is my favorite! I think I like picking out the gift even more than receiving one.
    Everyone’s done such a great job with gifts. Thanks so much for organizing this each year!

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