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Miles trotting October 2015

Transformation Thursday: What a Difference 2 Years Makes

Some of you have probably seen on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook that I actually rode my horse this week and he was sound. Miles feels tight through his topline and weak in his stifles, but considering he’s been on stall rest for almost 2 months essentially, I’d say that’s only to be expected. My most recent ride was especially sweet since both my parents were in town and got to see it. They even graciously got some media to prove it!


ZOMG We Have a Sectional!

A month or so ago I posted a list off all the #firstworldproblems I was having, several of which had to do with plans for our new home. While progress has been slow on turning this house into a home, we have made significant steps, which I thought I’d share with ya’ll. Houses and decorating might not be quite as exciting as riding, but right now I’m really enjoying another project I can tackle with enthusiasm. So without further ado…


Moiya canter canter canter

The Best Little Bay Mare

My catch ride, the littlest bay OTTB mare Moiya, continues to be my saving grace through the┬ácontinuing trials with Miles. Typically I ride her 2-3 times a week, including one lesson over fences. We’ve been practicing a lot of the items on my goals list, like posting without stirrups, leg yields and a faster canter pace. She’s teaching me so much about being soft, yet firm throughout my entire body. My last lesson really showcased where we’re at together, I think.