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Tracy and Moiya on the Trails

Through the Woods

Ya’ll know I’m a ring baby through and through, but our farm has an extensive network of amazing trails. I honestly feel guilty not taking advantage of them more often, so whenever someone organizes a trail ride (as long as it’s short, doesn’t go over ditches or through water), I’m in. And this week we went on one of my favorite trail rides to date. It wasn’t long or epic, but it was relaxing and I had a ton of fun.


Moiya Jumping with Cute Knees

Stretch Up

Ever since I can remember, my upper body position (especially over fences) has been horrible. Every coach I worked with from high school through college told me to keep my shoulders back, stop rounding my back or some variation thereof. It was really frustrating for me because I tried. I tried so hard to do this, and it usually just didn’t work. When I started riding with my current trainer, we didn’t talk about it. We talked a lot about many other things, like using my hands independently, strengthening my legs and keeping my eye up… but we didn’t really talk a lot about upper body position.