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Moiya in Black and White

Baby Moiya

While my Trainer doesn’t have any school horses, I’ve been lucky enough since Miles’s injury to have the opportunity to ride several other horses. Some are my Trainer’s personal horses, Diamond and Vinnie, while others are client’s horses like Coal and Dax. Recently, I started riding a new-to-me horse: Moiya. I’ve known this spunky little OTTB mare ever since I first started riding at this farm. In fact, my BFF Nichole rides and shows her regularly (remember the horse that colicked at the show last month? That was Moiya).

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One year later - Miles at 2015 New Vocations

Pony’Tude Blog Hop: Equitation Evolution

Allison over at Pony’Tude started a fun blog hop about how your equitation has evolved over the years. I’ve really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and looking at all the photos, but I have to admit I was nervous to do my own. I’ve never had good equitation, especially over fences and I have absolutely no natural riding talent. So honestly, a lot of my photos are way worse than everyone else’s. My “ending” point, or where I’m at today, is the place many other bloggers seemed to have started. But you know what? I’m okay with that. I’m working hard to improve and that’s what matters most. For me, it’s not about how correct I am, it’s about how far I’ve come.

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Beavers Family Room Mood Board

Family Room Decor Mood Board

Sam and I have been in our first home for just over a month now. I have to say, so far it’s been fantastic! The living space is wonderful, we love our neighborhood and we’re finally starting to feel settled in. But as far as making the house a home… not much has happened. In fact, we’ve done nothing — not even paint. So it’s about time we got our butts in gear and started putting our own stamp on things.

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Dax Cantering


My barn family is the best barn family out there. I might be a little bit biased, but ever since Miles got put on the disabled list, I’ve had numerous boarders offer up their horses for me to ride. So while it’s sucked not being able to ride my own horse, I’ve been having a blast test driving some new-to-me horses. Last week I introduced Coal, whose claim to fame is being the best OTTB trail horse on the planet. This week you get to meet Dax!

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