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Lauren’s Gift Update

I promise I have productive and interesting posts for later this week, but first a housekeeping note: I will be taking down Lauren’s GoFundMe page at the end of the day on Wednesday, July 15. Many of you have been so extremely generous, that we’ve already eclipsed the random, pie in the sky goal I set of $2,000. So THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart; it’s been absolutely amazing to see the support and generosity of our little blogging community.

Face Hugs for Miles

Quarterly Review of Goals – 2015 Q2

I can’t believe that 2015 is halfway done. This second quarter especially has just flown by… as evidenced by the fact that I’m a week and half late with this post. I usually think about my upcoming goals review every week or so, which motivates me to take a few minutes and look over my list. Typically, I find myself saying “oh yeah, I really need to work on that!” and some “oh good, I’m on track with this one!” But this quarter has been an epic fail in terms of meeting goals. I don’t think I’ve looked at my 2015 goals since that last time I reviewed them back in April, so this post could be pretty boring.┬áBad Tracy!


Jump warm-up at New Vocations 2015

2015 New Vocations Show: Saturday

I don’t like to horse show by myself anymore, now that I’ve had the experience of riding with a great group of girls. We help each other out and we cheer each other on; it makes the successes that much better and the failures that much less significant. So Saturday I was at the showgrounds bright and early to cheer on barnmates in the first two divisions of the day.