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Making Adjustments

Miles and I have been hard at work on the flat lately. Let me first say that I now have a new-found awe of bloggers who successful write about the intricate details of flatwork. It’s all about the minute detail and subtle changes in both horse and rider; sometimes, it’s hard for me to even wrap my mind around, much less write about!


Pretty Canter at May Equivents 2015

Confessions of a Hunter Princess

I’ve been doing a lot of soul-searching lately. While most of my thoughts have centered around personal issues, I can’t get into an introspective mindset without it bleeding over into other parts of my life, namely my equestrian endeavors. In the last year, I’ve done more showing on the rated hunter/jumper circuit than I ever have before and I’ve bought more tack, clothing and accessories. In essence: I’ve transformed into a hunter princess. While I don’t necessarily abhor this moniker in its entirety, I’m also realizing that maybe I’ve embraced the culture a little too much and gotten away from my roots.


How to Make an Equestrian Ribbon Jar by

How to Make an Equestrian Ribbon Jar

The only thing I like more than winning ribbons is displaying them. While winning isn’t everything to me, I’m proud every time I earn a rosette of any color and I proudly show off my spoils of war wherever and whenever possible. But after you’ve shown for a few seasons, the satin starts to pile up. So what do you do with all of those shiny, lovely ribbons?