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Insist and Believe Meme

Insist and Believe

After a tough show, I always look forward to my next lesson. By nature, I’m a planner and action-oriented; I like to have clear goals and a way to get there. So when everything went to shit at the show, I came home with a renewed sense of vigor to fix it. What I lacked was a way to channel my motivation — how, exactly, do I change what went wrong? That, right there, is why I take regular lessons. I’m aware enough to know when things aren’t right… but I don’t always know specifically what’s wrong or how to fix it. So Trainer and I talked about it and came up with a game plan. We started off by addressing me: I have to insist on getting what I want from Miles and I have to believe it; I can’t ever ask and then give up.


Tracy and Miles - 2015 dac Classic

2015 May Delaware: Sunday

I woke up Sunday morning and promptly told myself that Saturday never happened. I focused on making my horse beautiful, watching the rest of #TeamBrookside ride beautifully and eating all the snacks we’d brought. My only goal for the day was to ride better than yesterday — I didn’t care if I was competitive, I didn’t care about the striding. All I wanted to do was give my horse a better ride.