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San Francisco

California Dreamin’

Last week I tagged along with Sam on a business trip; he had a conference in San Francisco, California and I thought it sounded like the perfect getaway. So I packed a bag and flew across the country for an extended weekend. I’d never been to Cali before, so I was pretty excited — and let me tell you, the state didn’t disappoint. The weather was gorgeous the entire time we were there and I got some much-needed R&R.

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spring cleaning equestrian style

Spring Cleaning, Equestrian Style

Spring came a little bit late this year to fly over country, but I think it’s finally here to stay. What does that mean for equestrians? We’re knee deep in mud, our horses are shedding like crazy and show season is right around the corner [if it hasn’t started already]! To get ready for summer, which is the best part of the year in my opinion, I’ve got some equestrian spring cleaning tips for you:

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Visa Jump at Geauga County Fair 2006

To: My Horse of a Lifetime, with Love Always

I can hardly believe it’s been three years since my first horse, Visa, passed away unexpectedly in the middle of the night. I really miss him and there’s still a hole in my heart where he used to be. I was always grateful to have him in my life, but sometimes you don’t realize just what you have until it’s gone. Visa was my horse of a lifetime and I didn’t know it until he wasn’t around anymore. I’ve often wondered if I’ll ever find another one as special as he was.

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Weigh In Wednesday

Weigh-In Wednesday: Staying Motivated

I’ve been super busy lately and it seems like every aspect of my life is demanding attention. It’s tough to find time to squeeze in cooking healthy meals and exercising when I’m already feeling overwhelmed. But I’ve been thinking about show season lately, which is rapidly approaching, and I want to stay dedicated to being in better shape so I can be more successful in the ring.

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