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Happy Spring

Signs of Spring

I’ve found the light at the end of the tunnel! Over the weekend I finally saw the first signs of spring and it could not have been a more welcome sight. I hear birds chirping in the morning, the temperatures have risen to consistently above freezing [which means the snow is melting] and Daylight Savings Time finally rolled around. There is so much that I love about Spring:


Fly On Over Blog Reader Survey Content Results

2015 Fly On Over Reader Survey Results, Part II

Now it’s time for the juicy stuff; we’re on to the second portion of analyzing results from the Fly On Over Reader Survey. Today I’ve got another fantastic infographic for you that goes over all of the blogging stats I got from you. Again, I learned a lot about how to effectively write survey questions, as well as some really valuable feedback — some of which I’ve already taken action on!


Fly On Over Blog Reader Survey Demographic Results

2015 Fly On Over Reader Survey Results, Part I

I asked. You answered. Thank you so much to the nearly 70 people who took time out of their busy schedules to take my reader survey. I learned a ton and to be honest, I’m still digesting it all and figuring out how I want to incorporate your feedback into Fly On Over.

But, I promised to share the results and since I’m a visual learner anyways, I distilled the information into two infographics for you. This first part analyzes and discusses the basic demographics of Fly On Over’s readership; the second installation will review what you had to say about the blog and its content. So without further ado…


Silly Faces Mar 2015

On Tuesdays We Play Dressup

Life is decidedly gray for me right now — from the weather, to riding, to challenges at work, things have just been mundane and lackluster lately. Aside from affirming that I definitely do not want to ride Dressage, there isn’t much to say about all of the flat work Miles and I have been doing. But I promised myself when I first started this blog that I wasn’t going to write too many negative posts, so I set out determined to do something fun this week! Inspired by Poor Woman Showing and SprinklerBandits, I decided to do my own version of playing dress up last night and I combined it with some good old retail therapy.