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Weigh In Wednesday

Weigh-In Wednesday: Getting Back on Track

After losing nearly 10 lbs relatively easily, I fell off the bandwagon. It started with reaching my first plateau [which ya’ll warned me about!], but it was still a little bit discouraging. Bad choices spiraled from there: I stopped counting calories, I didn’t stay as active and I got angry with myself. But then I talked to my mother in-law who is also working on losing weight and she told me “this week my goal is to just get back on track.”


Miles Slightly Less Derp Trot


Usually, I’m a pretty decisive person. For most things in life, I know what I want and I go out and do it. I’m not generally impulsive and while I definitely use a list of pros and cons to finalize my decision, once I have, I don’t second-guess myself. But all of that goes out the window when things aren’t perfectly perfect with my horse.


horse show season

Let’s Talk Show Schedules

I like to have a plan; I thrive on being organized and always working towards a goal. Plus, I’m part of a relatively small show barn — there’s only three of who show regularly and my trainer books judging gigs in between taking us to shows. All of that makes it extra important to coordinate and make sure we’re on the same page about show season. Horses, however, do no abide by plans — they are the best at teaching us to adapt and be flexible. So while I like to have a show schedule, I’ve learned to make it a “loose” plan that can change at any moment. So what’s on the schedule for this year?


Spring 2015 Plan for Miles

Springtime Conditioning

Back in October, I devised a plan to keep Miles in a better place both mentally and physically this winter. It was a huge success — I didn’t encounter half of the problems I did last year and while Miles will always be a happier horse in the spring and summer, he wasn’t depressed this winter either. I was able to ride more frequently, we got more accomplished and we’re in a better starting position in 2015 to kickoff our show season in May. With that said… our first show is 58 days away. We need to get ready! Since my plan for winter went so well, I want to try the same for the next two months.