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Hop to It Blog Hop

Blog Hops and LinkUps

[Get it? Hops?? You know, the plant that gives flavor to beer? Haha, I crack myself up!]

It seems that my Weigh-In Wednesday post has inspired many of you to declare¬†your fitness goals for this year, as well as¬†share what’s worked for you. I’ve really enjoyed reading about everyone’s individual journeys, so I added a LinkUp to my first post. Unfortunately the free version of InLinkz only allows you to keep a blog hop open for 30 days, so I’ll create a new one each month for everyone to utilize. I think it’s awesome to share so much collective knowledge, as well as encourage each other to stick with it!

In the same vein, I got tons of comments on my “Day in the Life” blog last week, requesting that it be turned into a blog hop. Your wish is my command! I’ve added a LinkUp there too, so I expect to hear about daily routines and how ya’ll manage your busy lives. I also have a fun topic for later in the week for another blog hop — so watch out, I think you’ve created a monster!