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Trip to Texas

Everything’s Bigger in Texas

Anyone who lives north of the Mason Dixon line understands the desire to travel south during the winter months. Days upon days of cloudy skies and occasional deluges of snow do not a happy Tracy make. So hubby and I have committed to doing a small trip each winter, mostly to keep ourselves sane, but also to enjoy some much-needed R&R. This year, we decided to visit a city neither of us had ever been to before. So this past weekend we flew out to Austin, Texas on Friday for a long weekend. It was the perfect retreat for us and as an added bonus I got to meet Lauren of She Moved to Texas and her famous nerd horse, Simon!

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Blog Categories Labels and Tags

Blog Categories, Labels and Tags

My essential blog updates post last week generated a lot of great discussion and a few of you even had some questions. While I’m by no means a blogging expert, I’d like to share my experience and knowledge on a few areas I do have some expertise in… like blog organization. Several readers wanted to know about best practices when it come to using a blog categories, labels and tags. So here’s a short and sweet guide for you!

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Noble Outfitter Giveaway

Noble Outfitters Giveaway

The weather really sucks this week here in fly over country. I’m talking highs in the low teens with a wicked wind, snow and ice. Moral of the story? Miles is snug as a bug in his Wug and I’m stuck putting in some extra time at work. Luckily for ya’ll, I’ve got the perfect pick-me-up! I’m hosting Fly On Over’s first ever giveaway. I’ve got a small Noble Outfitters prize pack for two lucky individuals to help ease the pain of winter wonderland.

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Essential Blog Updates for the New Year

5 Essential Blog Updates for the New Year

I like to ring in each New Year with a few tried and true traditions such as creating new goals, watching college football bowl games and making a few essential blog updates. While I try to keep my blog organized and up-to-date throughout the entire year, there are a few things I leave for January. It’s almost like a cleansing ritual, where I get throw out all of my old junk and buy some new, pretty decorations for the house…err, blog I mean. These five essential blog updates not only keep your little space of the internet neat and tidy, but will get you ready to start off the new year with a bang!

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