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Muddy Miles

Mud Monster

I’m interrupting our regularly scheduled programming today to bring you an epic mud picture. While I’m really happy the temperatures are no longer in the teens, I’m not so thrilled that all of the pastures have turned into mud pits… mostly because I no longer own a horse, apparently. I introduce to you my mud monster:


Apple Tape Measure Dumbell

Weigh-In Wednesday: Health & Fitness Goals

After reading numerous posts on 2015 goals, I’ve noticed a trend among equestrian bloggers that goes beyond improving our riding skills. Many of us have health and fitness goals — from losing weight to hitting the gym to eating right. We’re all pretty awesome at supporting each other through tough times with our equine partners… so why not support each others personal goals as well? I admit, I’ve had health goals on my list every year but for some reason those seem that most difficult to accomplish. So I’m initiating a monthly blog hop for us to talk about these goals, share our success and motivate each other to really make our health and fitness a priority this year.


Trip to Texas

Everything’s Bigger in Texas

Anyone who lives north of the Mason Dixon line understands the desire to travel south during the winter months. Days upon days of cloudy skies and occasional deluges of snow do not a happy Tracy make. So hubby and I have committed to doing a small trip each winter, mostly to keep ourselves sane, but also to enjoy some much-needed R&R. This year, we decided to visit a city neither of us had ever been to before. So this past weekend we flew out to Austin, Texas on Friday for a long weekend. It was the perfect retreat for us and as an added bonus I got to meet Lauren of She Moved to Texas and her famous nerd horse, Simon!


Blog Categories Labels and Tags

Blog Categories, Labels and Tags

My essential blog updates post last week generated a lot of great discussion and a few of you even had some questions. While I’m by no means a blogging expert, I’d like to share my experience and knowledge on a few areas I do have some expertise in… like blog organization. Several readers wanted to know about best practices when it come to using a blog categories, labels and tags. So here’s a short and sweet guide for you!