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2015 in Retrospect: Month by Month

One of my favorite parts of ringing in the new year in blogland is reading everyone’s year-end recaps and their goals for the next year. I started doing an extended year in review series a few years ago, and I love doing it. It helps me see how far I’ve come in the last 365 days, and always gives me some much-needed perspective at this time of the year. As has become customary for me, I’m a bit behind this year, but better late than never! So here’s the first of my 2015 in Retrospect series: a month by month recap.


Crying Over Crossrails

Constantly evaluation is where I’m at in my complicated relationship with Miles. Every movement, every step, I’m evaluating: What’s going to happen next? Will Miles be bad? Is this the horse I want to ride? Do I want to keep this horse?  Do I see a future here? I’m no stranger to worrying about a horse, or a horse’s future. But this is a different type of worry than I’m used to; it’s mental instead of physical. At this point, I’m not sure which is easier.