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New Vocations 2015 Ribbon Haul

2015 New Vocations Show: Sunday

Waking up at 6am after two hours of sleep was painful. I was mentally and physically exhausted, but I rolled my butt out of bed to support my teammates. I valiantly hoped that today would be a better day, but I should have known better. Two hours of sleep is just not enough!

Miles grazing at New Vocations

Regardless, I helped L get her two horses ready for the Hunter Stake. Her first horse can be a bit difficult, and unfortunately her mare’s head just wasn’t in the game. She spooked at the photographer who was by the first jump and they just never got back in sync after that. What surprised all of us however, was that her second horse, Diamond, did the same thing!! I’ve never seen Diamond stop before, but she did.

Luckily, it seemed that those who had bad days on Saturday were redeemed on Sunday. Our short stirrup rider who went off course yesterday finished Sunday with a division Champion. Hallelujah for small victories!

Miles Take Off at New Vocations

I didn’t show until early afternoon, and by then I just had no energy left. I should have just scratched to begin with, but I wanted so badly to ride. The warm-up started out okay, until I got Miles to an impossible distance and he stopped. It was polite and slow motion, but I still hit the dirt. I fell on my feet hard and then sort of collapsed into the jump, knocking it everywhere.

I was really shaken up and of course I started to cry (why is my default emotion tears?!) and decided to scratch the over fence classes. Miles deserves a competent ride, and I just didn’t have it in me to do that on Sunday. I was frustrated and disappointed in myself… but that’s life. All I could do was work with what I had at that point – which was two hours of sleep. I did make myself get back on and jump a small vertical, just to prove to myself that I could do it.

Turning like a Boss at New Vocations
Sorry for all the low-quality cell phone pics 🙁

I still rode in the flat class and Miles was great. We ended the show with a 3rd out of five in the under saddle and I enjoyed it. Sometimes Miles is just a pleasure to ride and in that moment, that’s exactly what I needed.

Third Under Saddle at New Vocations 2015

After that, we loaded up and headed home. I’ve never been so relieved to be home for a horse show and it took the better part of two full days for me to recover.

New Vocations 2015 Ribbon Haul


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19 thoughts on “2015 New Vocations Show: Sunday

  1. Aww! It’s the pits when your good day comes first. It’s always easier to finish on a high note. But your head is in the right spot. You were beyond overtired and these things happen. Getting some rest will fix this bump in the road for sure! I’m glad your barn mate had a better day at least.
    Oh horses… humbling humans one hour at a time.

  2. yea two hours of sleep is NOT enough for me either!! still very cool that you had such an awesome saturday, and were able to cheer on your barn mates who had their redemption.

  3. 1. My default emotion is also tears. Fear, anger, frustration…doesn’t matter. It is so annoying to me that I respond this way but I don’t know how to stop it! Major props to you for getting back on and jumping a jump!

    2. I love that scrim sheet and I want it! Where did you get it? 🙂

    Sounds like you still had a successful show, in spite of 2 hours of sleep and spooky ponies! Congrats!

  4. Falling off sucks anytime, shows are the worst 🙁 Glad you were able to get back on a finish on a great note with some satin!! Also, loving that last photo!

  5. Glad you are okay and overall you enjoyed the show even with the challenges your team faced! Love your smiles in all the photos. And totally jealous of the embroidered scrim sheet – so cool!

  6. Falling off at a horse show or just having a bad ride frequently equals tears for all of us. Totally 100% to be expected particularly when you’re overtired and you want it to go well but mentally and physically can’t make it happen. What’s that expression? Sometimes you win, sometimes you learn?

  7. I am ALWAYS tired for day two. One thing that helps me is to drink a Coke. If you drink soda regularly, it probably won’t help, but since I only drink about 3 sodas a year (all at horse shows), a Coke at a show gives me that jolt that I need. That bit of sugar and caffeine always gets me to the end of the day. :0)

  8. So sorry to hear you took a spill! I’m pretty sure my spill was not fatigue than anything which is what this sounds like. You’ll get em next time! Love your shirt

  9. Falling off is the worst, no matter where it happens but you rallied and our photo with the ribbons is adorable. I’m sure this is a day you won’t forget.

  10. Uhh how were you even able to get out of bed on two hours? That is a cat nap not sleep! My brain doesn’t function on less than 7-8hours!

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