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2015 Goals

At the beginning of each year I write a new set of goals for myself, both in terms of riding and showing, but also for general self-improvement. Typically, I change my categories just slightly to suit what I really want to focus on in the coming year, as well as to help keep myself organized and on track. This year I lumped personal riding goals and goals for Miles together… mostly because Miles doesn’t need much work. I also increased the number of personal goals I have for the year and added in a few blogging goals as well. Finally, you’ll see that both my bucket list and tack wishlist categories are much, much smaller. In 2015 I want to really focus on myself, while still having fun riding and showing. Cheers to a fun and successful year!

Riding Goals

  • Finesse the regular horse strides
  • Improve leg yields at all 3 gaits
  • Learn more lateral movements
  • Jump natural obstacles in the field
  • Jump 3′

Personal Goals

  • Increase core strength
  • Stick to a workout plan all year
  • Lose 25 pounds
  • Reduce tack store spending
  • Meet savings goals
  • Work on having a better attitude

Blogging Goals

  • Learn more about SEO
  • Increase pageviews and unique visitors
  • Break-even on blog

Bucket List

  • Win a hunter division champion
  • Win a year-end champion or reserve ribbon
  • Show in a 2’6″ equitation class
  • Place in a hunter derby/special class
  • Go to an overnight (for me) show

Tack Wishlist

  • Tailored Sportsman Breeches


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